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Gross.... Spike TV's "Murder"

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If you have a weak stomach you might not want to read this or the article.

This is more of a little rant than anything... and I guess a warning, too. I watched this show there wouldn't be lots of gore but I was wrong.

There's this new show on Spike called "Murder." I just caught about 15 minutes of it and it was, and I really mean this, the grodiest thing I've ever seen. I've seen real crime scene pictures which I won't get into, but they didn't faze me as much as the gore on this show.

If you haven't heard of "Murder", it's about real people who try and solve real murder cases. The thing is, the crime scenes are recreated (but look very real), and the crimes have already been solved. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with a brief showing of the crime scene (real or not). But on this show they keep on showing little clips of someone getting shot in the head. I kind of feel like saying, "I get the picture! Just hurry up and 'solve' this and don't show me someone's head being blown up!"
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I watched it last Tuesday or Thursday when it was on. It's not bad actually. Of course being a nurse I'm used to blood and guts so it didn't phase me. But yeah, if you have a weak stomach you probably don't want to see recreated crime scenes complete with a graphic depiction of the end result of a shotgun blast to the head.

I'm not really into reality TV, but this one is actually challenging to the mind. I found myself actually trying to solve the case based on the evidence I was seeing. It's one show I wouldn't mind participating in actually.
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Once again, wish I had cable! I think that would be interesting to see....sometimes I am OK with seeing those things, but other times it totally throws me!!
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I love to watch that type of TV I remember watching a show like the one your talking about however I can't remember the name it was on last yr. I love reality shows I'm real bad I must confess I DVR all the shows
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I saw that, too!! I'm glad its recreated, because that's just too real looking. Normally that stuff doesn't bother me too much, but I guess in this show, they are telling details too much that normally wouldn't be there. And it IS based on reality, which is too close to home for me--if its pretend and I know it, that's different, you know its fake. But here, that really happened to someone's child, mother, aunt--whoever, its their family!! You know?!
No wonder so many people are de-sensitized to things like that now.

I am ashamed that is a reality tv show.
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I haven't seen it, but it sounds like something i'd have a hard time with, too. I just get upset too easily by that sort of thing. I think about it too much, I guess.

I mean, I do love crime shows. I like "Forensic Files" on court tv because the science and detective work is fascinating.

But i have trouble with graphic recreations. The it causes me to think too much about the victim, and their family, and their hopes and dreams and past, and then I feel too sad to pay attention to the main point.
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Eeep, that kind of stuff grosses me out alot..I couldn't watch it.

Blood and guts really creep me out.
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Believe it or not this sounds like a show I would actually like watching. I really get into true crime shows and this one sounds more realistic than some others I have seen. I autotuned the tv so I can catch it Tuesday night.
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The preview for the next show looks good!

What I like about this show is not only the mental challenge, but also the fact that the people on the show don't have any personal gain. The winning team wins a charitable donation to a Crime Victim Charity of their choice.
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I'm not sure if this is co-incidence, or planned, but there is a 6 week special called "Primetime: Crime", and tonighs episode recounted the case of Sarah Johnson from Boise, Idaho. It just happens to be the same case that was recreated on last weeks "Murder"

I wonder if tonights episode of "Murder" will be recounted next week on "Primetime: Crime"
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