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Moving across the country.

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We are moving across the country, from the West Coast quite literally to the East Coast of Canada.

My wife will be taking the two cats with her, as I will be driving across the country with our things. She will be flying with the cats, and they will both be in the same carrier, that is of adquate size for the both of them. (they both get along great). One (Malcolm) is fine on any travel that we do, will sit in the cage (on short trips they each have a carry on cage, but smaller ones). The other one (Bailey), is a meower (we beleive she is part siamese ANYWAYS REGARDLESS), she is fine in her cage, but meows and wants out. (Although she enjoys sleeping in her cage at nite.

Question is on tranquilizers? Pros? Cons? If anyone has any ACTUAL information, not the "it is bad" would be greatly appreciated. We havent talked to our vet yet so we dont' know which route we are going to go down yet. Also our local pet store has some 'natural' stuff to make kitten drowsy.

This will be a 8 hour flight, and the kittens will not be flying in the cabin with my wife. (they are 8 and 9 months old respectively).

Any help greatly appreciated!
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I don't have any advice. I am so glad your two are getting along so well!
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this is interesting, I will be taking my kitties accr0ss the w0rld next year! h0pefully
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Don't give them tranquilizers - it is very dangerous. You can spray some Feliway spray on their carrier before putting them in the for trip if you want to help calm them.

We've done this three times - moving two cats via air 2000+ miles each time. I bought two old 100% wool sweaters from the thrift shop (one for each carrier) and cut the arms off and sewed the fronts and backs together and used them as pads for the carrier. The wool is warm if it's cold, and cool if it's warm. If they peed, the wool would still stay dry on the top. They never peed, though, or even meowed until we got to our new home(s).

One trip was international and I wasn't prepared to have to take them out of the carriers to go through security. My husband had already gone through with our young daughter, and they wouldn't let him back. But a very nice gentleman behind me offered to walk one of the kitties through. That was the most stressful part for me! You might check if that is standard procedure now, though, if they want to put the carrier through the x-ray, and the cat (only) goes through with the people.

Are they going in the hold because there are two? We were able to carry ours aboard, but they were in soft-sided carriers and my husband and I each had one.

PM me if you'd like, and good luck on your move!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post

Are they going in the hold because there are two? We were able to carry ours aboard, but they were in soft-sided carriers and my husband and I each had one.

PM me if you'd like, and good luck on your move!
Something i learned while researching whether to fly or get a car a drive from Chicago to Portland last year: If you have only one passenger, you can only take one carrier in the cabin with you... and it must fit under the seat in front of you, like carry-on baggage. I was told I couldn't buy two tickets and have an empty seat next to me... I considered having a friend use the second seat, but opted instead to drive... although looking back at how much that evil van cost me to keep it running... it would've been cheaper to fly!!

The size of carrier that'll fit two cats is too big to fit under the seat... and it can't be a hard-sided carrier... all kinds of restrictions...

To the OP: use a Feliway spray (as SwampWitch suggested)...
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Ages ago, we moved from the U.S. to Europe with a dog and a cat. My husband flew with the cat as "carry-on luggage", and we didn't give him tranquilizers. I flew with the dog, who had to travel "cargo", because of his size, and who was given tranquilizers. The cat fared much better!

If your cats fly, make sure they're wearing harnesses, because the carrier(s) will be inspected, post 9/11, and you want to be able to restrain them in a strange environment.
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Please do NOT give them tranquilizers when flying. No matter what a vet says, cats usually do not have good reactions. Since they are flying in cargo in the same carrier, you won't have to worry about them. They will be fine.
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It took 3 days, 2 nights in motels. I used Rescue Remedy. Put some behind her ears and a few drops in her water. It really worked. She usually wails all the time shes in the car, I was prepared to be a wreck after the trip from listening to her for 3 days but she made the trip like a trooper. Very calm. I would have Feliway also but at the time I couldn't find it in the stores. Both were recommended. There is a great site called RamblinCat where I got a lot of information about travelling with cats. Good luck
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Can I get the Rescue Remedy from pet stores like Petsmart or Petco? I might look into for when Charlie rides in the car to shows. He hates the ride but loves everything else
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Bach Rescue Remedy is an herbal product. I got it at my local health food store. You could call Petcetera and other pet stores and ask. It's recommended a lot for anxious pets (as well as people) so they may carry it.
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My sister moved and had her cats fly in the cargo. She DID use tranqaulizers from her vet and her cats were fine.
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