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new recruits!

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I have to say that last Sunday at Adoption Day, at least three couples came by to ask questions about trapping ferals and strays for neutering! Hooray! the word is spreading!

It's so nice to know we're not the only ones who care about stabilizing the feral population through spay/neuter.
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That just made my day! Bravo to you for helping educate these interested people about caring for feral cats.
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Way to Go!!!

I must admit - I wasn't too sure about trapping feral cats either until I joined this site. Now, I wouldn't hesitate at all. It's been a very interesting journey to this point, but I would encourage anybody to help a feral cat. I don't know everything there is to know yet, but I would definitely try to help others who were interested!

Keep up the Wonderful Work!!!
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