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I'm the newest kitten, with a long cat story.

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Hi all, I just discovered this BBS when I was looking for advice on my own kitties. I can't say I'll stick around, but I like what I see so far
Now this is hardly my first BBS. I'm practically the moderator of a few. Although I don't often bother with special features, I love to post pics and links. I have a few kitty pictures online all ready, and I have dozens more waiting to go online, but unfortunetly of late I've had problems putting images online, so it could be a while before I post any new ones.
The title of this forum says tell us about yourself and your kitties, so I'll start there.

Yes, my name is really Sarah. I and 16 years old. No, I am not from Borg, Germany. I am from Massachusetts. This name developed from an other major interest besides cats, which is Star Trek. Those fellow Trekkie and cat fans here knew that all ready . I tend to hang out at 2 other BBS, at WilliamShatner.com and TrekBBS.com, but my email is also SarahofBorg@aol.com and just about for everything else I do online, this is what I use. If you see this name, it's me. Always.

Now, I'd like to go over my whole cat history before I get into my current ones. I have a LOT to say

7 years ago (I was only 9) I decided to entice the nextdoor neighbor's cat over my house by putting milk outside on my doorstep. One day I come home and a little tiny grey creature flees the bowl into a bush. I peer under the bush and two angelic little eyes stare back at me in fear. A feral kitten! Merely 6 weeks old, at the most! Her mother was nowhere to be found.
I went door to door. In fact, every single person in my neighborhood has a cat! However, there is a peice of abandoned property fenced in that houses maybe 10 completely stray cats that are fed by a man who returns daily. We live right next to the woods. However, he irresponsably dosn't take care of the cats in any other way, meaning they only reproduce. Chances are, this kitten somehow managed to crawl out from the woods alone away from her mother and head towards the center of development at my house.
It took weeks to get K.C. (kittycat) trusting enough to be lured indoors. She lived under our toolshed for weeks. Not a very safe place at all. But finnaly we trapped her indoors and she became part of the family.
We allowed her outdoors after she got shots, but she wasn't neutared. Oddly enough, she went into heat at one years old for several months! Inevitably, she became pregnant, not that we minded at all.
However, she must have chosen the worst, most inaccessable spot. A closet next to the basement, under the staircase where we keep paints and such. We didn't even know she had chosen this spot, and were completely suprised when she had kittens all ready. All 7 of them!! Because it was so inaccessable (right under the bottom stair, behind nearly a wall of paintcans) we couldn't assist her in the gruelling birth.
Fortunetly, everthing worked out. She even ate all 7 placentas, without our encouraging her!
We attempted moving her, with her 100% refusal. We made the place as safe as we could make it, and there wasn't a single incident. Very healthy kittens, although the mother was very weary. She was tiny to begin with!
After 6 weeks the kittens finnaly ended up roaming the living room while the mother left them alone. She went outdoors to escape.

Unfortunetly, one day she left and didn't come back. A search of the pet hospitals showed that she was brought there after a car accident and didn't make it.
We never let the kittens go outdoors again, even when they were able to.

We gave away 4 kittens, but we just couldn't give up 3 of them. We Had to keep the two tuxedo kittens (a matched set) and one grey one in memory of K.C. We named him G.C. (Grey/Great Cat). In fact, K.C. was actually in memorial of K.K. (KittyKatt), a grey cat my mother once owned.

Mustache was the smallest tuxuedo. Stripe the fattest, and G.C. the largest and strongest (a real muscle cat!). They were all neutared, all male. Unfortunetly, one year after they were born, Mustache escaped the house and suffered the same exact fate as his late mother. It was saddly ironic. This was 5 years ago.

We've had G.C. and Stripe for 6 years. They were buddies, but not as intimate as Stripe and Mustache. Here's a link to a georgeous photo of Stripe and Mustache sleeping together:
http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/5f75e... with Mustache
Mustache is the one with the mustache. RIP.

I don't have any phots of K.C., BTW.

Now, G.C. was a real muscle kitty. Last summer, I had an air conditionaire that was narrower then the window it was in. G.C. succesfully tore a hole in the plastic sides and escaped. After he returned, I would do everything to plug up the hole. I put duct tape over it, and he would tare it up!
I had the same problem with a storm window in the basement that had broke and now has a pastic replacement. Even when we put a dead car battery weighing maybe 20 pounds on top of the plastic, he would manage to push open the plastic window. VERY strong cat.
And eventually, he too esacped without coming back. We still have no idea what happened to him. We did everything.
Here are three images of G.C.:
G.C. and Stripe
G.C. on bed
G.C. on towel.
He was gorgeous and sweet. RIP, wherever you are.

After seeing two of his dear brothers disapear, poor Stripe no longer had the urge to escape. He was very lonely and wanted my attention every secound of the day. We are forced to leave the cats alone from about 7am to 3pm on weekdays.
The normally very frisky kitten-at-heart seemed to become very depressed and lathargic. I had to get him playmates again!!

One day, I was wondering the woods looking for any cat like G.C. when I spotted a long-haired 3colored stray cat. I pretended to have food and she went up to me, and i caught her, about 1/10nth of a mile away from my house. I attempted to carry her home. It became very evident she was declawed! And very good at biting!! I currently have a scar on my arm from her teeth that day.
So of couse after getting scared I put her down and went back to my house and came out with a kennel and a can of cat food. Fortunetly, she was in the same area.
So I tempted the poor hungry kitty near me and I grabbed her again and nearly had to ram her into the kennel. There was no way in hell I would have caught her if she had front claws. She was extremely violent.
I brought her into my house, meowing desperatly. I put the can and some water in the kennel and left it in my room while I went to find Stripe.
Stripe had a great time sniffing me!!
I brought him downstairs and opened the door to my room.
The resulting hissing revealed a differant side of Stripe from the sweety-pie he normally is. He was terrified of her! And he was maybe twice her size. He ran away.
After a while I let her out of the kennel and started to hang out with her. She didn't like me one bit. If I came too close she'd growl, hiss or just be mean.
After much of my time she started to let me come near. By the next night she would let me pet her, for most of her body. I let her out of my room soon to let her have access to Stripe's food and litterbox.
The house was immediately devided between the cats. Upstairs was Stripes territory and downstairs, where the food and littlebox were kept, were the new cat's territory. He had to venture down cautiously to use them.
Still, after three days there were willing to share the same rooms together. She continued to soften up, to me anyway. But I made a sad discovery with her.

I guessed she was maybe 10 years old. Her fur was fairly matted, but nothing I couldn't fix. There was one matt I had trouble with on her chest, before I realized it wasn't fur. She had a huge growth on her chest.
Now I still wanted to keep her, but my parents didn't want her. They assumed she wasn't able to be friendly (whoever owned her thought so too when they declawed her), and definitly didn't want a long-haired cat. They didn't want to pay vet bills for this growth. My mother especially didn't like the fact that she was declawed. She would keep us up all night meowing (maybe a calling queen?) at the door trying to get out again.
And she started to succeed at getting out. On the third day, she escaped and didn't come back. My parents were glad. I wasn't.

To this day I still see her roaming around our yard! She's impossible to catch now that she knows me, but it's so sad. I saw her yesterday when I found stripe growling at the door (yes, Stripe is still around.) I currently have a cup of milk near my doorstep, still completely undisturbed.

Yet our quest for a playmate for Stripe hadn't ended. We decided Stripe couldn't get along with a cat stronger then him, so we needed kittens. I finnally spotted an add for free kittens at a supermarket. We called and heard they had 2 kittens. We planned to take one, but I knew we would take them both.
We came over and saw them and fell desperately in love. We took them home and named them. The black-with-white male (well, more-or-less half-and-half) cat is Oreo. The all-black female is Shadow.

Oreo has grown to be a secound muscle cat. However, he somhow manages to surpass Stripe's friskyness. Shadow is still tiny and is a real scardy-cat. If you can catch her, she's very very affectionate.
Stripe is crazy about the kittens! He truely loves Oreo like a son. They often play together, and fall asleep with each other just like Stripe with Mustache. Here are some pictures.

More Stripe

I hope you've enjoyed learning about my kitties. No, I don't usuaslly write anywhere near this much

-Sarah of Borg
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Hello! You sure have had an interesting time with cats!
It is very nice to meet you, my name is Kellye, I have a cat named Peedoodle (the picture in my avatar) and will be adopting a deaf kitten this saturday!
Welcome to this forum and hope to hear from you more.
You seem to have a talent for writing - do you write?

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Of course I write in class, but I do the rest of my writting online. Did you like the pics?
I love that name, Peedoodle! It's so cute!
And thank you for replying.

And I love the smilies!!! :flash:

-Sarah of Borg
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I guess I have to warn u all that I post A Lot when I go to a BBS. I must have checked back here 20 times since I started yesterday night! I might outgrow this board too quickly and be forced to move to the other forums where there are more people.

-Sarah of Borg
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Sarah - there's TONNES of us here, and we have some serial chatterboxes who post incesantly - you'll be in good company. I loved your kitty saga. The links to G.C.'s pictures didn't work for me though . . .

Anyway, welcome it's great to have such a cat enthusiast here, and although I'm only really a follower of the first Star Trek series (the real oldie one), I know that there are some real Trekkieheads here.

BTW - what's a BBS?
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Hello Sarah. Welcome to the site. I think the site is fairly quiet at the moment, with the holidays. Hope to see more of you in the Lounge.

I also enjoy Star Trek, but I've not been to the Shatner site - I'll have a gander later.
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Welcome to the site Sarah! Quite a tale of all your kitties. I'm glad Stripe finally was able to have some playmates.

Yola is right, it is a bit quiet here with the holidays and all, but the Cat Lounge is still pretty busy. Of course, there are always the Feline Companion forums (Health, Behavior and Grooming) that are a great place to browse through the old threads and learn tons about these critters that steal our hearts.

I look forward to getting to know you more on the boards.
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Originally posted by Yola
BTW - what's a BBS?
Yola, BBS stands for Bulletin Board Service.

Before the internet, BBS was the main way to communicate if you had a modem. Once the internet took off, then chat rooms and chat boards became popular. The term 'BBS' is now usually replaced with message boards or chat.

Welcome Sarah!

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Thank you very much
BTW, here's a gif I wanna share:

Kewl, eh?

-Sarah of Borg
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I've been having a lot of problems with Yahoo photos
The best I can do is send you to the site I put every photo I have on, specifically where I keep the cat photos. Unfortunetly, those of you overly-curious people can also veiw every photo i ever put online there. I don't put anything there I don't wish anyone to see.
So this is a link to every photo I have online, specifically the cat catagory. I can't garentee this'll work either!


Anyone know of a site where I can dump 5MB of images and still have plenty of room left, that I can link to?

-Sarah of Borg
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I already posted a welcome in the lounge, but here is another one for you!

Welcome to TCS!!!
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The pics of your kitties are too cute! They are all adorable. Thanks for sharing, I hope you can post more soon!
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