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can you explain this?

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I have awakened a couple of times during the night and was sleeping on my back with my mouth open (not usual for me!) My cat's face was right up to my mouth. I remember hearing an old wive's tale years ago about people being concerned about cat's " sucking a babies breath". Can anyone enlighten me to this particular behavior ( of my cat!)?? Thanks
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This is an old wive's tale. Are you an old wife?

Ok seriously, all your cat is doing is surrounding herself with your scent as she finds it comforting. It is a huge honor actually- as long as you don't cough up any hairballs. If it annoys you, before you go to bed, put some vicks metholatum on your face. Your kitty will not want to get that close and personal after that.
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I agree it is in essance an old wives tale but it is based on truth when dealing with babies and young children. No not all cats will do this however I have experianced what they are talking about. No the cat does not suck the breath away but because of the milk breath of some babies and the desire of the cat to be near its small friend a cat can easily smother a baby. I have a small infant and have to shoo my cat from his chest. I only have two that like to get in his bed but you can imagine if they where left on his chest how easily it would be to smother him. I was told by my grandmother that this kind of behaviour is what started that old wives tale.
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My cats love the smell of Vicks. I have to keep them from licking it off of me when I use it, and let them smell the jar when they have sniffles.
Georgia loves to look in my mouth. She will head butt me until I open my mouth, and let her sniff it. I thought it was pretty weird. I am glad to know it isn't!
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Could it be because your cat thinks that you are a cat... maybe he/she's trying to get your scent from the scent glands that your kitty thinks that should be in your mouth?
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Because they can smell better with their mouths open and are trying to check what we are "smelling"
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That makes more sense than what I thought she might be doing. I thought she liked my tongue piercing!
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Ivo loves to smell my breath. It's part of our morning ritual, and after I eat or drink. Sometimes, she'll even wake me up in the middle of the night for pets and loving, but then stick her nose near my mouth to smell. I think she just likes to have something new (and pretty stinky, I'm sure) to smell. She also likes to sniff around my mouth when I put on lip balm with menthol. Maybe she's like krazy kat2's cats, who like Vicks Vaporub.
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