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All Points Bulletin!

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What kind of cat could this be? Almost daily, usually in the late afternoon, a kitty has began to show up on the back patio to visit our cat Junior. She's gotta belong to someone in the immediate neighborhood who recently moved in. She's very unique looking, almost strange, and we can't figure out what kind of cat she could be. She could be an expensive, exotic cat for all we know. I can't post a photograph, so I'll do my best to try to describe her and hopefully someone can give us a clue. I tried to google on a few breeds of cats, but there's too many to try to look for.

She is:

1. Blackish gray, with tortoise shell markings with splotches of almost calico colors.

2. Very, very long-bodied. Lanky and very thin (skinny). Short fur, almost bony to the touch. (When we first saw her we immediately thought she was a hungry, wayward stray. We offered some dry food, but she was not hungry although she did enjoy a few bites of canned cat food.)

3. She's probably about one or two years of age. Very affectionate and energetic. She knows about houses and keeps trying to come inside.

4. Has some slightly Siamese features, especially her thin little face and ears.

Thanks in advance for any clues as to what breed of cat she might be.
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I have no idea about breed... but please be careful to wash really well after touching her, because her long, skinny look could be due to illness. It's possible she really is hungry, too, but refused food because of illness or fear or even some kind of mouth pain.

Oh, I wish people would keep kitties indoors!
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