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Missing fur on ear...

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My husband and I got our first cat about a week ago and as we are first time cat owners we didn`t notice anything wrong when we came to look at her. She had some sleep in her eyes when we picked her up and when I asked the breeder about it she assured me that it was normal and that we should remove it for her in the mornings until she learned to take care of it herself. She was also sneezing a lot after we got home so 2 days later we took her to the vet. It turned out that little Wilma had some sort of virus and needed to take antibiotics and we need to put some gooey stuff in her eyes 3 times a day. It`s only been a few days since we went to the vet and she`s already doing so much better! No sneezing and no infected sleep in her eyes anymore.

A few hours ago when I was stroking her I noticed that she has some fur missing on one of her ears and the skin under it feels sort of like very fine sandpaper. The other ear still has all the fur on it but there are some tiny bumps on her skin there too. The inside of her ears are clean and look just fine.
I don`t think it`s itchy because she doesn`t wash her ears or scratch them or anything. I can`t really see what the skin looks like underneath because there`s still a lot of fur in the way.
This got me really worried and I`m not sure what to do. I already have an appointment at the vet next Saturday to see how she`s doing on the antibiotics.
Should I wait until then to ask the vet to look at her ears or should I perhaps go as soon as possible?

Thank you
-Jenny & Wilma
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Does this breeder battle ringworm? That would be my first guess, kitty might have ringworm. If she does, be careful handling her because you can get it too. It is hard to diagnose what it is over the internet, your best bet is to keep that vet appointment and don't touch her ear until your vet clears her.
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