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Sadie had her babies!

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Sadie had her babies lastnight.....she had 7....they are like a grey colored tabby or silver color.....she had 4 females and 3 males one of the kittens i forgot to say was lite brown maybe a lite orange....i am postin pics in a lil bit.....she started havein contractions at 11 pm and started givin birth at 12:30 am and finished at 6 am so she had a hard night....she is doin real good now and is relaxin and all the babies are doin real good and eatin well
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glad to hear all is well sadie did have a rough night hope everything keeps positive x
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I'm happy to hear that everything went well.
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Awwwwww how wonderful
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I saw the name Sadie and had to come and see because I have a girl named Sadie too.

I am glad that your sweet Sadie's labor went without incident and hope that her kittiens are whole and nursing with a hardy appetites.

I look forward to seeing their pictures.
Here are some positive vibes for Sadie & her kittens.
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Awww congratulations to you and Sadie!!!
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Thank you all....they were all born breech but one and she screamed real made my kids cry becuz they thought something was wrong with her they didnt know what was goin on until i told them....but here is some pics

This is the only one that is a different color

i hope you enjoy them
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Awww! They are adorable!!
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They're all so blue! How pretty! Congratulations!
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What do you mean blue?
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I think she means there kind of a greyish-blue color (at least that's how the pictures make it look).

They're all so beautiful!!!
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Mama Sadie is just beautiful as are her precious kittens.

It looks like she is being a really good Mama.
So Sweet.
Thanks for sharing their pictures....
of course we will want to see more as they grow.
Congratulations Sadie...
you did a great job.

Do you already have plans to find forever loving home for her babies?
Will Sadie be Spayed ASAP.

Can you keep one of the kittens?
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Originally Posted by cupcake1234516 View Post
What do you mean blue?
Just as Isadora said? That light bluish gray color - I think it's pretty. =)
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any grey kitten is known as *blue* or sliver.
they are beautiful!! im so glad she had a safe delivery and healthy kittens. your a star for taking her in and giveing her and her kittens a loving home. good luck with the weeks to come, 7 will be a handfull when they start getting about,the most we have had is 4 at a time weather their fosters or ones that i have taking in, and 4 kittens running about was more then enough lol.
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They're so cute & healthy looking. Sadie looks so proud of them. Can't wait to see them as they grow.
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Yay! Congratulations! They're all so adorable. You're lucky for having Anya only had 3! Not too much activity going on up there, compared to 7
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