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Adopting a feral, need help fast!!!

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Hi everyone, KatKat here. I have made arrangements to adopt a feral female off the streets, hopefully this weekend. I took Jens advice, so I am not keeping her at my moms, I am taking her directly to my apartment. So, here's my delima, my apartment is too small! It's a tiny one bedroom, and I already have an incredibly shy and sweet cat here who's deaf! I don't know how the new cat is going to behave, how am I going to handle both cats in this small space? I don't want my Angel to get hurt or too scared. Also, the new cat has been spayed, and she has an ear tip missing, so does that mean she's had her shots as well? I'm also afraid that the new cat will feel trapped and hate me as well as her new surroundings, will she ever get over that?

Sorry about all the questions, I need as much information as I can. I've only taken in one other cat and she came willingly when I brought out the food. Please Help!! Thank you all in advance.

Cat-love to all,
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Usually the ear tipped means that he/she was nuetered or spayed. It doesn't necessarily mean shots, but a lot of cats do get tested for fleas and the like. If that is what you plan to do I strongly suggest you bring your new addition to the vet first to be tested for Feline Lukemia or FIV.

If you have a small apartment is there a place that your first cat doesn't sleep that you can place your new cat? You might want to keep the new cat in an area where she can hide away for a while to get used to the place. You have a living room? Maybe a place where she can hide would be good. Don't worry someone will be sure to chime in and give some advice.
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I have kept my ferals in a dog crate and let them get used to what goes on and who's around. That way, I think that it's easier for it to adjust. I always cover them at night so they can feel more comfortable at first, but that's just me - I worry about them being too scared to sleep until they are hidden! Good luck with this! I just rescued a feral kitten during a monsoon type rain storm! It was almost drowned - and it was terrified for about 3 weeks. I had a nursing mother at the time the I had just gotten fixed, but she was still nursing her kittens - she took him in with no problem. But he was so scared for so long, I didn't think that he'd ever get over it. But he's much better now - he plays with the other kittens and he lets me pick him up and pet him - he's actually purring now! He just still has that forlorn, sad look in his eyes - I hope he gets over that!
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Every time we've taken in a newcomer we try to isolate that new cat to a small room where it can adjust. Just remember to be patient. Some cats we've had have integrated with our others very quickly. Others had to be gradually eased in over a period of months. It is all dependent on cat personalities.

Also, make certain to help Angel adjust. She should continue to have run of the apartment and to know she is secure. Since she is deaf (and shy) you want to make the introductions very, very slowly. Always be sure that Angel does not feel threatened.

I also agree with Libby'sMom that you should get the new cat to the vet ASAP to have testing done. We recently took in a street cat that had been spayed (she's got the tipped ear, too) by a local TNR group. But since I didn't have a way to contact the group, I had to assume that nothing else was done. I took her to the vet where she was examined, tested, and vaccinated.

Good luck with your new kitty. Keep us up to date on how things are progressing.
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