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Constant Cleaning

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Spooky is slowly adjusting to her new home. (She was part of a litter born in our backyard. We adopted two, and fed and had spayed/neutered the other three and mum. Once she became very tame and loving we adopted two of them out. We had to "rescue" them back. Only one is here in our home - she arrived two days ago, and until just tonight would constantly hiss with ears back and swat - hard - at the other cats. But we mostly kept them separated, and "meetings" have been supervised).

BUT...while she LOVES to play, and has needed LOTS and LOTS of sleep, poor dear, she is constantly cleaning herself. WAY more than the other three cats here.

We did give her a bath pretty much as soon as we brought her inside. She needed to be washed twice. She was filthy. It wasn't bad enough so that you could see it when you looked at her, but when you petted her, your hand was black, like you'd been wiping it on a damp newspaper.

Is it simply that we didn't get all the soap out? Is it a soothing thing?

I did a search here, but all I came up with was a compulsive something disorder. And it doesn't seem THAT bad - at least not yet.

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It could be several things. It could be a reaction to the soap you used to clean her with. It could be a way she responds to stress. She could have miliary dermatitis. If she is licking herself to the point where sores form or she loses her hair, you'll want to take her to the vet and have her evaluated. I would be concerned that whatever that black stuff was, she might be ingesting it with her constant licking. You can also make a mild vinegar wash, and dip a brush in the mixture and groom her quickly. She will not like the taste of the vinegar, and it won't hurt her if it is of a diluted strength.
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It might be just anxiety, as well, due to a new home. Yep! Just like people, animals get it, too, but like hissy said...if it gets to where she loses hair or gets sores or both, take the cat in! I think the compulsive word you were looking at is OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE!
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Thanks. We were worried that maybe she would get (or is) sick from the black stuff, but we definitely washed it all off of her. (Hissy, you think Gary would let her sleep in the bed if there were any question that there were still dirt on her? LOL!)

It could be the soap, but it is hypoallergenic, supposedly really mild stuff.

It is most likely stress, I just wanted to make sure that cleaning/licking is something cats do when stressed. It doesn't seem like she'll lick herself to the point of sores. We're keeping a close eye on her, but last night and today she's spending MUCH more time playing than licking!!!

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