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Need recs for getting cat urine out of carpet

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Hello! I haven't been here in a while, but I have an issue that I can't seem to solve. One of our cats chose a corner of our living room to urinate in for a while. There is now a sectional couch in that corner, so she can't get back there anymore, but the smell is still prevalent. We had the carpets cleaned and had the guy saturate the area with deodorizer, but obviously it's down in the pad, because that didn't work. I've also tried Urine Gone based on a recommendation from a friend. I dumped two whole bottles in the corner and the smell was gone for a while, and it's now back. Short of yanking up the carpet and pad in that corner, I don't know what to do at this point. I'm not completely opposed to ripping up the carpet and pad because, as I said, the couch is over the area. At least it would be a temporary solution. I can barely sit on the couch because it bugs me so much. My husband doesn't seem to notice it, though. Go figure I hope someone can recommend something that will definately work! The people that owned the house before us had a dog, and I have a feeling said dog peed in that corner, because that's the only reason I can think of why our cat would do the same. She's not sick (we took her to the vet immediately thinking it was a bladder infection).

Gah! Someone help me!
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My apartment's former tenant must have had a kitty who had litter box issues...'cause as the humidity's increased here this summer, a whole bunch of spots have started smelling. I purchased a huge bottle of Nature's Miracle and soaked (and I mean SOAKED) the areas. I repeated this for a couple of weeks whenever it dried out. I also tried Pure Ayre, or whatever it's called, but NM seemed to work a bit better for me. So far, combined with a Feliway diffuser, it seems to have worked. Marlowe takes a brief sniff where the stronger spots were, and then he moves on. My landlord isn't interested in ripping out the carpet pad, so that's all I can do. If you can, I'd think about pulling the bad. If you have wood floors under the pads, the wood could also be damaged -- and that might be easier to replace, in the long run. Good luck!
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I have also heard that the amber color Listerine works also. You may have to pull up that one corner of the carpet, and coat the floor with a couple of coats of varnish. That's what I ended up doing in a room.... if it soaks through the pad, it gets into the wooden flooring and stinks forever. Luckily, after I did that, you couldn't smell it anymore. Good luck!
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