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Maine Coon Rescue

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Does anyone know of any Maine Coon Rescue groups in South Carolina or Georgia? A friend's wife wants one badly, but really does not want to get one from a breeder. They would rather rescue one if possible. They are a lovely family, and would make a great home for a cat. They have one already, and an outside dog. They own their home, so landlords are not a problem. Their Vet assistant lives right next door, so they even have emergency medical care if needed. They are not necessarily looking for a kitten, but it must be good with kids. They have 2 little girls, 5 and 7, and they have been taught from the beginning that they must treat the animals with respect. It would be a good situation for a big loveable cat like a Maine Coon. Thanks for any help.
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Click on the link, then click on Rescue, then Breed Specific. Look for United Maine Coon Rescue.Meowhoo.com
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Have you tried catman2.org? He owns a no-kill shelter and has lots of cats, perhaps if you contact him, he will tell you if he has maine coons.
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I just looked, and there is one maine coon cat, it is a female, you can find it :


But it says it would rather be an only cat.

If I find anything, I will let you know.

Good luck!
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There is a Maine Coon Rescue Site! It is, very simply, www.mainecoonrescue.com

I worked with them to find Booger (a Maine Coon Stray) a home. Your friend just needs to click on the adopt a Maine Coon link and follow the instructions.

If they don't have a co-ordinator in those states, it doesn't matter. They would have someone who covers those areas. It is a large national network VERY dedicated to Maine Coons. I had offers from people in New York, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey and Oregon to adopt "our" stray.

They work VERY hard to match the cat to the right home and circumstances, and I highly recommend them!!!!!
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Thanks for the info, I will pass it along to my friends.
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I found this site, http://www.1888pets911.org/index.php , I hope it helps some.
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I know it's probably still a bit early with the paperwork your friends would have to fill out in order to adopt - but any word?

Have they been able to find a Maine Coon to adopt? (Or at least someone to work with to adopt one?)

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The vet assistant that lives next to them may have found them one. Someone is being deployed overseas from the base there, and may have to give theirs up. They have contacted some of the people that you all have suggested, but haven't said if anyone got back to them. I think they are pretty committed to having one, so it is just a matter of time. They want to get one through a rescue situation, or a shelter. They got their collie like that, and it rescued their eldest daughter.
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Oh - I'm so sorry to hear that a family might have to give up their kitty! But I'm glad your friends will be there if they need to find a home for their cat.

I had such a great experience with a Maine Coon. They're a really lovely breed.
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I would love to have on myself, but I can't take any more cats right now. If I move in to a larger place soon, I am going to check in to fostering at least one cat from a military family that has been deployed.
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