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Does Cat Attract Litter really work?

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I am experiencing the problem that many of you have or are experiencing with my cat "doing his business" everywhere but in the litter box! Usually, this only happened when I wasn't quick enough to clean out the box. He shares the box with my other cat. Lately, though, he has been doing this all the time! I have seen where others have used the Cat Attract Litter with good results. Where can I get it? I have not seen it in any of my local stores. I imagine PetSmart probably handles it. I am thinking also, that it may be time to get a new box as it's been about a year. He has never had problems with sharing the box with his sister. This behaviour has just stepped-up in the past 3 weeks. He is about 7 years old and neutered. A real good natured boy. My husband is getting very upset and wants to throw him outside. He's always been an indoor cat. I don't want to do that. We live in a rural area where raccoons, possums, coyotes, etc. roam. I will try anything to curb his behaviour. I just wondered if this Cat Attract really works and what is in it that does attract them back to the litter box. Thanks for any insight you might be able to give me!!
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You may want to take him to the Vet for a check-up.
Sometimes when a cat stops using the litter box it's a sign of a UTI.
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Thank YOU for coming to the site and seeking help before making any drastic decision! This habit is pretty easy to break, but you have to be consistant. It's not a good thing to just chuck your kitty outside, 1. he may run away, 2. there are so many dangerous things outside that could hurt your kitty, 3. it's just not necessary!

Cat Attract WORKS!

1. if you only have 1 box for 2 cats. i suggest getting at least one other box. It's best to have one box for each cat plus one. Your other cat may be guarding the litter box and you didn't know it.

2. Have you had him to the vet to check and make sure everything is alright? Most litter box mishaps are the kitty trying to tell you something isn't right.

3.Make sure the boxES are clean. The boxes aren't next to his food right? he doesn't want to eat and do his business in the same area, yucky!

4. Cat Attract - i use it in one of my boxes because one of my boys wouldn't go in the box, and now that's really all he uses.

it's a pretty controllable habit~~~~~ Make sure you pick up enzyme cleaner to clean any spots he's soiled because he'll want to keep going back to them. Also make them unattractive, like put plastic mats over them after you've cleaned them
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Definitely get at least another box. I have three cats and five boxes. Two of my cats don't particularly care for each other and I have five boxes to hopefully limit any competition (so far it's worked).
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Cat Attrack comes in either the litter form (use it straight out of the bag), or in an additive form that you mix into your litter. I've had wonderful success with it on 2 occasions. The first when I was converting an indoor/outdoor cat to indoors only and he was so mad at me that he would come up to me at night while I was in bed and pee on me. The second is recently with my sick cat who started peeing and pooping outside the box. I added it into the boxes and it immediately drew them to the boxes.

It has a very earthy smell about it, almost musty in nature. Obviously there is something about that smell that draws them in.

I found the additive at my vets. I've seen the litter form at Petsmart. The vet who created it is out of Denver, and I'm not sure how far he gets it distributed. If you can't find it locally, here is his website:


If you have to order it online, it might be less expensive for you to buy the additive, as it won't cost as much for shipping.
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YES! i originally got it to help train a feral kitten to the box, & it had the added bonus of stopping Chip's occasional bed dump. he only did it occasionally, but usually at least once a month - he hasn't done it since Firefox started getting the new litter [which i have now added to every box in the house!]. i ordered the additive online from petfooddirect, & my local petsmart carries the litter. but since i already had a bunch of litter, i thought the additive was a wise investment to help me extend its use.
it says not to use it with other litters, but i haven't had a problem.
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I have two kittens and now that they're fully integrated with one another (no sequestering, etc.) and both litter boxes are in the same room; they each use both boxes. I wonder if there is an instinctual reason for this?
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First of all, take him to the vet! Inappropriate urination is often the sign of some sort of urinary tract or bladder problem. In male cats, crystals or cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) are common problems because their urethra is so small in the penis. This can quickly become a fatal situation, if they can't urinate and then their kidneys stop filtering the toxins from their bloodstream. Other signs of UTI problems include frequent trips to the litterbox (or wherever he's going), straining in the attempt to pee, only able to urinate a little at a time, excessive licking/cleaning of his genitals...

After a recent episode of crystals with my boy, I used Cat Attract, and it definitely got him back in the habit of using the litter box - he liked it so much he would just go and hang out in the litter box. Unfortunately, he blocked again twice in rapid succession, and so he had surgery last week and is currently using Yesterday's News litter. After his sutures come out, I'm going to use the Cat Attract again to reintroduce him to "regular" litter.
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