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Sweetie's eyes were running again, this happens occasionally. I use an antibiotic ointment supplied by the vet. I took her in yesterday because I was running out of the ointment. The vet gave me a tube of another type of occular ointment and a tube of Duralactin as a food supplement. The tube states it is Feline L-lysine. You turn this odd looking dispenser and a measured amt. comes out. Can be given direct into her mouth or in her food. I tried the food method and she liked it. I went on line and this has milk protein + other ingredients. It fights inflammation and other things. I'm wondering if anyone else has been prescribed this and what was the results?
The vet did say that she has been seeing a lot of cats with the eye problem lately. She thinks a lot of it is allergies. Sweetie is an indoor cat but sits in the windows a lot. As you can imagine the eye ointment does not go over well. She lets me apply it, but squeezes her eyes shut so I do the best I can. The vet said even if it seems to be on the outside enough gets in. I have to hold her for a minute or so since she can't wait to lick it off her eyes. I tell her it will make her better but she doesn't listen. I would appreciate your feedback.