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Hi. I loooovvvve kitties.

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Hey everybody. Thanks so much to all of you that take in "unwanted" (we want them!) and abused animals. advocate resposible ownership, and help in spay/neuter operations!!!! I'm new to Portland and I would love to network with some local rescue groups. In Sacramento I volunteered for Cats About Town, WOOF, and Yolo County Animal Control. We have seven cats in the house (and one dog just picked up from the shelter), five cats are mine that I brought up with me: two are previous fosters that I have decided to keep, and two are fosters I would like to place at some point (one was feral and he is still too skittish). I brought them because I could not stand to dump them on anyone, and my commitment to them is strong! My fifth cat is thirteen, i got her at eight weeks when I was seven. Please feel free to email me about current events and anything I can help with in town(except fostering-i'm full!) . I have GRRR the cat resting his chin on my wrist right now so typing is slow!
Thanks again to all you active animal lovers!!! xoxoxo Lucia
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Welcome fellow newbie. Oreo is staring at me from the top of the monitor now, putting his paw over the screen to get my attention. It'd hard to look at the screen when cat eyes are staring at you!

-Sarah of Borg
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Welcome to the site Lucia! I hope you can find some useful information here, as well as make some like-minded crazy cat loving friends.

I'm not from your area, but perhaps a good place to start looking for places to give of your time is the sticky at the top of the SOS forum. It is a list of no-kill shelters by state.

I look forward to getting to know you better in the future!
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I hope you find a good organization in Portland to work with like you did in Sacramento. It's so great that there are people like you who dedicate personal time to helping animals!!!
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Welcome to you and your furkids. I love the name GRRR! It makes it sound like he has a great purr-sonality!

It's also wonderful that you do rescue work. LDG, another member of this board, and I have established two websites dedicated to stray, abandoned and feral animals. The first, www.straypetadvocay.org, will (very hopefully!) become THE clearing house for information on low cost spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return programs. The second, www.savesamoa.org, is a site for rescue stories. It was inspired by Samoa, a San Antonio Texas stray, who was rescued in great part by the caring of the people on this board. Sorry for the shameless plug , but we are always looking for stories (and pictures, we love pictures), both feline and canine. If you are interested, we'd love to post your stories. You can email them to admin@savesamoa.org.

Once again, welcome to you and your fur-family. As you've probably seen, everyone here is helpful and very friendly. Feel free to jump right in!

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