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new kitten--scared,uncomfortable old kitty

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A woman dropped off a kitten she found in a car at my work place (a vet's office), and I was the only one that could foster and maybe adopt him, so I did. We sort of goofed the intro up though, because we didn't do any of the slow introductions with patience...

I already have one 6 year old spayed female that has been my baby since she was four or five weeks old. She's never been around other animals before (except dogs one time...).

The new kitten (male, about four weeks old now) has been with us full time for almost two weeks, and my old kitty became totally withdrawn except to my mom (who, in my kitty's eyes, is the alpha cat). She was scared of the little one and stressed when he talks or moves.

I had hopes that she was getting better because she actually got close to him the other day, but today she growled and hissed at him (which she hadn't done before, even though she hissed at me a couple of times since I brought him home).

Any ideas on how to make her more comfortable in her own home and hopefully not keep him locked up forever? Should I try and start from square one in intros, or what?
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Similar experience here, only someone dropped off a declawed and starving two year old kitty who has psycholigical (sp?) problems which she is now recovering a year and half later. The nine year old wasn't too happy, she also had some problems with behavior because before I knew better she was eating garbage food which affects the overall health and makes a cat not 100% whole.

Yes, start all over, keep new kitty in separate room with separate litter box, bowls, etc. Let older kitty get used to the idea first. Make sure both kitties are eating the quality food.

Good luck, my two now tolerate each other, relief, no more cat fights.
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