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My duaghter has 2 indoor cats. One is actually a 13 week old kitten that she got from the Humane Society a few weeks ago...ANYWAY....she found a few fleas, over a course of about a week. She bathed the cats, put meds on them (with the ok from the HS), vacuumed, etc but is now finding TONS of flea 'dirt'. You know, the little black specks--flea poop--all over. Lots in her bed, the baby's crib, juts about everywhere the cats have been. Tonight she looked really closely at the older cat and found the black specks on her.....but the odd thing is is that she is not getting bitten, not is the baby!
The 'stuff' is in the bed, between the blankets but she has no bites.
PLEASE can anyone give me advice for her? Her baby is only amonth old, so she needs to be careful with treatment.
Has anyone ever dealt with the 'stuff' all over (which would mean fleas are there) and yet not seen but a few? Since she found out what the black speckas are, she has been looking closely at EVERYTHING.
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Well, it seems like she's going through a tough time right now. Hopefully, this all goes away soon!

Luckily, I have never had fleas in my house *knock on wood*. So I can't give much of a suggestion there.

I saw that noone has responded to your question though, so I thought I would give you some links to find some information that may help.

There are plenty of other users on TCS that have experience with this and are going through it right now... Check out these threads... maybe you could get some useful information.


Information from the internet, regarding fleas:


Information about fleas and babies from the internet:


Hope this helps a little bit.
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Keep the cat out of the baby's bed for now, just in case. We don't want a baby getting bitten by fleas--imagine how annoying it must be, when you haven't got the coordination to scratch! I suggest getting some mosquito netting, gauze, or other see-through material and hanging it from a hook on the ceiling to drape over the baby's bed. That way, your cat (if it leaps up) will get tangled in the gauze, and won't like it. (Most likely, your cat won't try it; they do generally look before they leap.) There are actually some commercial baby-bed drapes, mostly decorative; but you can make them serve a purpose.

At this point, with this kind of a heavy infestation, it seems the house might need to be flea-bombed. That means a lot of preparation, getting everyone out of the house for a day--especially the baby and the cats--but it is worth it. While you're out, treat your cats for fleas and comb them thoroughly. Also wash your clothes and bedding.

You might hire a commercial pest control agency. Be specific that you have a baby and need to be careful of its health.
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