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Russian Blue!

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Kassandra - I LOVE your new signature!!! I sure hope that's a pic you sent to Anne for Caption This! LOL! TOOO CUTE!
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It makes me laugh everytime I see it, so I thought I would use it as my signature! I'll be sending it in to Anne, not to worry!

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I second that! I can't read any of your posts without grinning at the gargoyle furbaby .
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It is such a perfect picture! I love the expression on her face as well! It is soooo classic!!!
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heeheee... too cute!!
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Such personality!
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I love that look - flat with exhaustion!
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Kassandra I have been meaning to tell you that since you put Nakita Gargoyle in your signature (I just wasn't smart enough to start a thread for it! DOH!). That is such a cute picture, and I can't help but giggle every time I see it too. She really does look like a gargoyle in that pic, which is so unlike her. Nakita is such a beautiful little girl I just fall in love with her every time I see her. (Shh! Don't tell Ophelia I said that!)
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As my partner has said many times, who needs TV when you have Nakita to entertain us?

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Nakita is so adorable!!! And that picture is just priceless!!! Love it!!!!
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She has such a definitive face. I can imagine she is quite the character as well, at least according to the stories you post about her she is.
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May I just say that I am just so in love with my little niece Nakita (please don't let Tatyana know) I have the photo you took of her with the Happy birthday message on my desk top so that I can see her beautiful face lol! This picture you have of her being a Gargoyle is just the most funniest thing I have seen and it is just so like Tatyana also hehehe! I really love hearing about Nakita and seeing the amazing photos you get of her! Now last time if I remember correctly you spawned my fishy wet sloppy kisses so please let Nakita know that it's not because I don't love her it's because her mummy is horrible and mean! :tounge2:
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