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Cat won't chew food

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I've noticed recently that my cat Sadie hasn't been chewing her food. I get the Iams Weight Control cat food with the little pieces. She'll take a piece of food in her mouth and wash it down with a gulp of water. I tried getting her to eat Whiskas cat food the other day, and those pellets are much bigger. She tried eating it, but started complaining and spit it out. I wonder what's wrong? She hasn't been acting differently otherwise. She's the same lovable cat who loves to play, so I don't think she's sick. But it still has me curious and worried.
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I don't believe cats chew their food too much. If one of mine throws up, all the dry food is whole.
Have you had her teeth checked?
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I've considered that, but she's not showing any other signs that might mean she has a gum condition or something (drooling, pawing at the mouth, etc). I'm broke at the moment and can't take her to the vet (otherwise I would, I want to so badly). I called my vet and he doesn't think I have anything to worry about as long as she's not acting weird or showing any other signs of a tooth/gum problem. But I still can't help but worry.
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Cats are great at hiding gum/tooth issues - they compensate for the pain quite well. In fact, our Eliza had 5 teeth pulled in December, and we didn't know she was having problems at all! The vet told us that's pretty common. One thing though was that she really gobbled her food, and puked about once a week - whole chunks. Granted, as the other poster said, cats really don't "chew" but this was rediculous. We just thought she was piggy and ate too fast. However, since she got the bad teeth removed, this rarely happens anymore.

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A couple of my cats have had bad tooth problems without showing any obvious signs. Can you check her mouth for red/inflamed gums?
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Could be she does not like the food and has no choice but to get it in her hungry stomach as soon as possible without tasting it.

She probably will like a high quality canned food instead with high quality ingredients.

Are the ingredients in the food your feeding her now up to par? Would you eat it??
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Have you tried Cat milk its for cats like kittens and adult cats some perfer it as a snack you can findit at your local store
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