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Bath pictures

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I was looking through pictures and I saw some wet cat pictures, so I made this post for people to show the wet cat pictures they have, here's mine.

This is of tubee right after we got him, he was found in a steel tube mill where my husband works so he was really dirty as you can tell by the water. We felt bad because he was crying the whole time.

I would love to see more wet cat pictures if you have them.

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It's not a bath picture, but its my only 'wet kitty' photo.

Once upon a time I was in my kitchen cooking dinner, when from my office I hear "RREEEEEEEEEOOOOWWW" *SPLASH* I look up to see a greyish blur fly across my apartment. Laughing like a loon, I walk into my bedroom to find Tryon under my bed looking mighty unhappy. I reached out to give her a little scratch and asked "trying to catch a fish from the tank were ya?"

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Lol, thats funny. Poor kitty, he just wanted some fish. lol My cat samba also likes to jump in the shower when someones in it, but as soon as he does he freaks out and goes off running so we can't get any pics.
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lol, awe... I've never had to give a kitty a bath... poor lil guy, hee hee
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Awwwwwwww look how dirty Tubee was. I bet he looked lovely and fluffy afterwards
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