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New kitty - sticky!

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Hi all,

I just adopted a six year-old Maine Coon mix from a local shelter. He's an absolute dear, considering what he's been through (two YEARS in the shelter because he's partially blind and no one was interested).

We're running into one problem: the litter. He has long hair, and litter constantly sticks to his tail and rump. I do use a covered box, but I have to: because of his vision issues, he "misses" if he doesn't have something to keep him from squatting in the wrong place. I've only had him for six days, and my apartment looks and feels like a grain factory (even with regular dustbusting and a litter mat in front of the box). I'm using Nature's Miracle right now. Does anyone have a recommendation about litter for the long-haired boys and girls? Would Precious Cat's Long Hair version work better? Or anything else??

He's just too new and too sensitive to clip right now - we're still working on being brushed...Thank you, thank you for your help!
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Am wondering if the Crystal litter or the Pellet litter would work better - but if you change, you have to do it gradually.
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I don't mind changing it over the course of a week or two. Any specific brands you like? I know a little litter is always going to be around (or a lot of litter), but I'd love to find something that doesn't stick to him as much.
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WHAT are you feeding ...?? brand and wet or dry
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I'm sorry, I'm new to the forum - did I say something wrong?

I'm feeding Premium Choice right now. We're still establishing how much he eats per day (per my vet's directions), but it's averaging a bit under a cup.

I really don't mind the tracking. I just would like to find a way to take care of the wet litter getting stuck to his tail because it's a bit unsanitary -- and he does mat, so I'd like to reduce the odds of that happening until he's comfortable enough with me to be brushed more than a minute per day. He's also not at the stage where he can be clipped yet.

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Oops, forgot: it's dry food only so far. He has had some loose stool issues since he entered the shelter a couple of years ago, but so far no one's been able to establish the cause.
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The pellet kind it Pine Green or something like that. I've seen the crystal ones in Walmart and at the shows. I haven't tried either one with my cats. DH was talking about the crystal litter for use in the shows, so I might get a bag and put some in the small pan and see if Charlie will use it or not. Seems easier to clean up for shows.
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Cool. If I test out the crystals, I'll be sure to report back. Thanks for your help!

I have a bag of the Feline Pine, and I haven't used it only because it seems like it might be too time-consuming for me to use (I think you have to change the whole thing weekly - I scoop two or three times a day, but I do like the idea of not needing to clean it all quite so often). Marlowe has used that before, at the shelter, so I can try that as a fall-back.

Thanks again!
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Hi - I also recently adopted an older cat (5 yrs) from a shelter - and he too has long hair! Since I'm a new cat owner and really didn't know what was "good" or "bad" I picked up some Fresh Step and I haven't had any problems with it sticking to George's back side (thankgoodness). The litterbox is in our master bathroom (nice place don't ya think ) but considering there is kitty litter all over the floor at least visitors don't have to deal with it in any of the other rooms I'm sweeping constantly tho. I have noticed special pads to go under the litterbox that will help control the loose litter when the cat steps out so that might work for you too (George has very sensitive feet - do all cats? - and I'm afraid he won't use his box if I put on down).

Good luck with the brushing - it's a daily, sometimes 2x daily thing for us. Not always a fun time tho.
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I've got a blind kitty. I'm so happy you adopted this poor boy, no matter how much sight he has!!

For a litterbox, I use a large(bigger than 18 gal) Rubbermaid tub. I have a bench up to it for Damita, my blind kitty. That way, she cannot miss as it is deeper than she is tall. It also helps with the tracking of litter....

As for the clumps, not sure that I can be of much help. I clip one of mine in the bum area.
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WCL: Aw, thanks! He is ridiculously sweet, and he really has no good reason to be so nice: two years in shelter, with one brief "home" that dumped him because he was hiding under the bed (um...he was in a new house...what did they expect?). I've had my eye on him for months and was waiting until I got into a stable place (decent job, cat-friendly apartment, etc). I'm already completely enamored with him.

I like the Rubbermaid idea - do you have any pictures of the ramp? Also, do you use electric clippers? Any tips on how to get him used to that? He seems pretty even-tempered, but I don't want to startle him too badly.

George's Mom: I'm sweeping constantly, too, so I think I'm resigned to that part. I will look into Fresh Step - are you using the crystals, or the scoopable? Trust me, I'm not one to talk about litterbox placement. I have a little nook in between the bedroom, bathroom, and KITCHEN that he uses because it's the only place it'll fit (the bathroom is so, so small). Hey, at least it's incentive to keep it clean all the time... I hear you on the brushing, too. We're working on that right now, and I'm also pretty new to cats, so I know exactly what you're going through. And yay for older adoptees - aren't they great? Congrats on your new boy!
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I do not have any pics. And it is midnight, so even if I try to take any, they won't come out well. Will try to get pics tomorrow. My set-up is this:
Corner with linoleum. Large tub, no lid on. Wooden bench in the very middle front for "step up". Around bench are carpet squares from dollar store to collect some litter. Sweep/vaccum daily.

I use a regular scissors. However, I took Damita to the vet to get clipped the 1st time & they showed me how I can do it. She's a DSH, but has very thick fur, so it isn't too bad to cut.

Do you have a vet you could take him to & have them show you how to clip him later? Or perhaps a good groomer?
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Oh gosh, no hurry! I was just curious. The description helps, thanks!

I actually left a message with a local groomer today to see if we could come in for a visit soon. Apparently, it's difficult to find a good cat groomer in we'll see how this goes!
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If you've got a vet, I tend to ask them for reccomendations. I have never had to search for a groomer, so I have no clue what to look for!
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Hi Gavigan:

I use scoopable. One of the things that held me back from getting a cat was cleaning out a litterbox!! Everyone pretty much had the same reaction when I told them I was thinking about getting a cat - "YOU'RE going to clean a litterbox????" But the scoopable is not so bad to deal with. I also have a nice big heavy duty air freshener "thing" next to the box. I don't want anyone to know there's a cat in the house until they actually meet him.
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The thing that has helped the most with my MC mix, is a good sanitary cut. I've used: barber's shears, beard trimmer and full size clippers (in that order). He just got used to the one and we moved up to the next. It's taken about 6 months to get up to the clippers.

He likes to come into the bathroom with me, so I made it a habit to turn on the clippers when he was in there to get him used to the sound. He did jump the first three or four times.

Another thing that worked was bribery. I put down some dry food or treats and clip him while he's distracted

Welcome to TCS and we'd love to see picts of your new kitty!!
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