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toy that dissappeared HELP!!

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My cats have a toy that they all seem to adore that is basically a stretchy string with a fake rabbit foot and a bell . This toy came from walmart.

This afternoon this toy was in two pieces when I came home. It is missing about 5 inches of string. I havent found it(missing string) laying anywhere. Im so nauseous and worried that one of the cats swallowed it. no one out of the four is acting strange.

My fiances cat is infamous for eating those hard toy mice. I dont know what could have happened to the string. I took my lunch at about 300 this afternoon and found this. Hoe long would it take for this to show up as far as if it is a problem ????

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it could take a couple of days until symptoms appear. If you don't find that string today, I'd take them to the vet for an x-ray just to be on the safe side
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well, i just emailed the vet. i wonder what he is going to tell me to do. there are four of them ....
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I'm going to go look for it so I can post a link, but I had Noodles eat some elastic string before. I'll post a link to the post, maybe something there will help.

Edit: Here is the link: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=119162
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haha.. your thread made me feel a bit better. i kinda hope he pukes it out. he pukes quite a bit cause he tends to eat too much and then pukes (issue from when he was a kitten)

I plan on being home for most of the next 24 - 48 hours except for about an hour tomorrow. I hope he is okay.
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I found the string today in a stray piece of poo laying in my doorway. lol

it was all kinda in one little ball.
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What great news!!!!
I found Blossom chewing on a piece of string from the top of a litter bag & pulled it out of her mouth, when she was little. I later read not to pull string out as it can damage their throat. I've been wary of anything that she plays with that she shouldn't ever since.
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