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i'm cheap :-)

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found these at the grocery store today on sale for a dollar..for two!! they even have a little bell in the center of the danglies...they'll prob fall apart quickly but i couldn't resist some fun for the baby for only one dollar!!!

oh, and i also posted a wanted ad on craigslist for a proper cat carrier since i can't afford one right now...someone wants to give me hers for free!!! i'm going to pick it up at her workplace tomorrow and just bleach it out and sterilize it....

man, i'm on a roll..maybe i should convince my other half to go garage sale shopping tomorrow???
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Have you tried freecycle too? Lots of free stuff there. Got a coffee table once
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Hey great deal! I'll get things for the girls like that every now and then (meaning that will probably fall apart before long but are ultra reasonably priced). Noodles loves want type toys but tears them up fast, so I only get ones priced like that.
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Good job! My kitties would love them, but they wouldn't last long. The way I look at it, better to spend for something they will tear apart, then save a buck and have them tear apart something else.

Great deal on the carrier too!
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