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HELP! My Kitty eats plastic!

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Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and was hoping to get a little advice...

One of my cats, Tigger, has a habit of eating plastic. She will take a big bite of a plastic bag as if it were a big juicy steak and then eat it! (Consequently vomiting all over my new carpet)

I have had cats in the past that have enjoyed licking plastic, but never have I seen a cat that loves to actually eat it. I do my best to hide all plastic bags and anything else plastic I think she may try to consume... but sometimes I miss something and she ALWAYS seems to find it....

Anyone know why she is doing this or how I can get her to stop?

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I don't think anyone knows why cats eat plastic. My Lucy likes certain types (Wild Oats - yes, Safeway - no).

Some of the theories are:
It has a similar composition to fat or is made from some tasty component
Cats are using it as a replacement for grass
They have a disorder called Pica.

The best solution I've had is to keep the bags away from Lucy.

Other solutions I've seen are to have a can of pennies available and when your cat starts on the bag, shake the can to startle them. Or have a spray bottle available with lemon juice and water to spray the bag to make it not as tasty.
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Maybe your cat is trying to tell you something. Is he eating a high quality canned food that you would eat too?

Behavior problems usually start with diet.

Read the ingredients on the food your feeding him, maybe the plastic is a better choice.
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Actually the main reason they do that is because of the ingredients in the plastic bags. Corn starch and fish oils attract them sometimes. Many cats do this. All you can really do is keep the bags in a cabinet or something.
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for the replies.

To answer the question about diet... I feed her a premium dry cat food... it was actually vet-recommended to me due to some digestive problems she had on a less expensive brand. I do whatever it takes to give my pets the best care possible... I haven't noticed her eating any less or doing anything to suggest she dislikes her food.... and despite the fact that her food is high-quality, I wouldn't eat it... I don't know of anyone that would want to eat their cat's food..... high or low quality.......

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