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Crazy electrical storm!!!!

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Wow, we had one heck of a storm this afternoon. I've been in some pretty bad ones but this one was the worse one I've ever seen.

It started with some wind, then I could hear thunder off in the distance. As it approached, I went out on the porch to watch. The lightning was constant, every 2-3 seconds, but it was still pretty far. It got closer and closer, and the thunder got louder and the lightning became more violent. Finally I no longer felt safe on the porch and went inside. The power was on the verge of going out then...... CRACK!!!!!!!! A lightning bolt hit very close by. Power is out now. Then clink, clink, clink.... hail the size of quarters was pelting the ground and the house... everything in it's way. It hailed so hard and so fast that the ground was completely white with ice balls. No kidding! I thought our skylight was going to break. The cat dove under the bed. I would've too if I fit!

At this point I'm actually scared. The size of the hail, the closeness of the lightning, and the loudness of the thunder almost sent me into a panic. At one point my DH was out on the porch and the lightning actually hit the house! He was blinded for a minute... a little disoriented, and I meanwhile was deaf from the noise. Our outlets were sparking and everything!

After it passed we plugged in our appliances again but it was too late for one of our computers, and our cable modem. So those will have to be replaced.... but could've been worse!

That was so scary.......
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I know how you must have felt. Twice in recent years we've had the power pole next to our house hit by lightning. Both times it sounded as if the corner of our house was struck. I've never heard anything like it. I don't mind hearing thunder off in the distance but hate the wind & hail that more frequently comes with it these days.
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Oh goodness! I'm glad you are all ok! (I will mention this story to DH the next time he fusses at me for unplugging everything when it storms with thunder and lightning!) I'd have put the kitty in a carrier!
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Omg-- I hate thunderstorms so much!!! I would of freaked out! Everytime a bad storm comes I feel like the house is going to blow down and there's going to be a tornado! I'm glad you and your DH are okay though. (and your kitty!)
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You and me both! I'm scared to death!
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Sounds like the kind of storms we get every afternoon. My house has been hit by lighting twice...the first time it hit my aluminum picket fence. It open the gate door and it hasn't worked since. The second time was two week ago. It hit the pole next to my house and the power line fell on top of my roof. FP&L had to come and fix it. They were here until 10 pm.
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Sounds like the storm we had on Tuesday. It was horrible! Lighting struck the large Weeping Willow tree across the street from us and split it.
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Wow! That was scary! Thank goodness all of you are okay!
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