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16 years

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The yellow in her eyes has started to fade
The once thick grey coat has begun to thin
She walks a little stiffer theys days
She eats a lot less
and sleeps a lot more
She slips away from me a little more each day
I'd give everything I have just for 16 more years.
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What a beautiful tribute. Your poem brought tears to my eyes.
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I know how you feel. It's too much to think of, isn't it? I hope she has a few more good years.
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How blest you are to have found each other and have so many good years together.
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what a beautiful poem. Only the best come from the heart.
Are there any medications that she can take?
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That was beautiful.....
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*sigh* That is so touching. I hope you have a few more years but, wow! What an honor for both of you to have ahd each other for 16 years.

Very beautiful, very true, very heartwarming.....(((HUGS))) to you.
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that is very sweet.
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