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Well...I am home too. Just arrived from another funeral. (grandmothers).

I think I will be heading to bed soon though. I am exhausted.



Hope we have a great year together.
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I'm here!!!

Just put my kids to bed, hubby is playing Playstation2, and I am doing some posting. A regular old night for me, except I will pop the bottle of bubbly before midnight, and get a New Years kiss.

Then its off to dreamland......kids wake up at 6am, no matter what we did the night before.:tounge2:

Happy New Year!!!!!!
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I'm not here! I just put up a few new rescue stories on the SaveSamoa site, and I put up the new award we received!

It's a great way to end the year.

I'm signing off and Gary and I will spend some time together with the kitties.

Hope everyone who hasn't rung in the New Year yet has a great time ringing it in!

I hop all those who have already rung in the New Year had a great time!

HAPPY 2003!!

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Hey everyone!!!! I'm here? is anyone else?

Ghyslaine, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother....I haven't read all the new threads, so I must not have seen it yet!

Ady, sorry also to hear about John's mom! Keep us posted!!!

Tania....it has to be close for you....is it New Years there yet???????

I am hoping to ring in the New Year with some of you!!!!
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I've made it! We're currently insulating the 3 parts of the attic. Oh, what fun! But I'll be on here a short while.

I'll even finally post a pic of me! Wow!

I figured since I have the camera I might as well take one final shot of Nakita and me before 2003!

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I'm here too! Still a ways to go before New Years on the west coast, and I'll be home anyway. My boyfriend isn't home from work yet, and he just wants to stay in and have dinner and relax. He doesn't drink so I'll have to have a few by myself (which I usually do anyway with dinner!). He refuses to be on the roads on new years eve because of all the drunk driving. I can't blame him, though usually I like to at least be at a friend's house or something. Oh well, it will be nice to have a quiet evening with some wine and then a glass of champagne later on possibly.

So what are you up to tonight ladies?
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Hey guys!!!! Kassandra...where are you posting the pic of you at? I want to see it!

Big Kat...what is the time difference between us?? And what is your real name?

Since I couldn't go out tonight, (because I have to stay with Amber...but she's worth it ) I am having a few Bud Lite's and boy are they going down nicely!!! :LOL:
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I'm here....1 hour and 8 minutes to go, although I'll probably be in bed soon. I think my goal should be staying up 'til New Year's here, if AOH**l lets me!
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I have two hours left to go here!!! I am going to go check out a few of the newer threads i haven't seen yet, then I'll check back in with you guys...if anyone is still here. Oh please don't let me be alone on New Years eve!!!
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I'm in California and so it's 8pm for me. 4 hours to go.

My name is Sunni, btw! Sorry that I haven't included it on my posts before. Nice to meet you!
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I'm here.... 3 hours for me.

We won't let you be alone, Debby! I don't want to be alone, either!
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Debby I am here. Sucking on orange juice with nothing to add to it. 4 hours to the new year
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Sunni, you should add your name to the bottom of your posts, so I won't ever forget! Hi Jin

Hissy......my not wanting to be alone on New Year's Eve pales in comparison with what you are going through right now.....i hope you are okay!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok, I'm posting my last 2 pics of the year here in this thread. As you know, I've been here over 3 months and have NEVER shared a pic of myself!!! What can I say?? I'm not one to broadcast my mug over the internet.

I just took this pic like an hour ago. Right before that I was in my attic crawl space (Ick!) putting down insulation(you know the pink expandable stuff?). This is me on a typical renovation day with no makeup!! I had to take the pic aimed at the mirror because no one else was here to hold the camera! :tounge2: That's why my arms are in the air!

(sorry, pic removed from imagestation!)
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Oooppss..here's Nakita's last pic for 2002.
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Awwww you both are beautiful!

Wish my digital wasn't broken or I'd take one of me and Bella and Pepper to end the year (though they both are sleeping). Guess they don't want to stay up with mom and a bottle of wine!
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LOL! Great picture- you look as overwhelmed as Nakita did with her satellite collar.

So who is making New Year's Resolutions? Care to share? I quit making them years ago as they are easily broken (for me anyway)
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Oh you are both pretty Kassandra and Nakita!
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Originally posted by hissy
LOL! Great picture- you look as overwhelmed as Nakita did with her satellite collar.

So who is making New Year's Resolutions? Care to share? I quit making them years ago as they are easily broken (for me anyway)
Actually, I have a serious face cause I had to concentrate taking that pic! Try balancing a camera that is pointed at a mirror trying to snap a good shot!


I've made Nakita's New Year Resolutions! She will be leash trained and LOVE having her teeth brushed by the next 3 months!

**Notice how I make resolutions for Nakita but I don't make any for myself!

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Originally posted by Vikki
Nice pictures . You should've just said that you were doing a New year's dance, and that's why your arms were in the air .
You know Vikki, I think any time I post another pic, I'll get you to caption it!

Of course I'm dancing....yeah, that's it!

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Oh My Gosh!!!!! You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I mean that!!!!! I didn't have a clue what you looked like, just knew I really liked you! But I guess the image in my head.....dark hair, etc.....wasn't ANYTHING like what you really look like!!!!! You are just gorgeous, girl! And I love the little dance you are doing! :tounge2:
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Now its officially 2003 over here in the east coast!

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3 more hours for us on the west coast!
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Kiwi! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Only 50 minutes left to go here!
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The New Year of 2003 has arrived here in the big smoke, otherwise known as Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much health, happiness, success and overwhelming peace be brought to each of your homes this year!

Thank you all for allowing me to share in a little of your worlds!

Here's to the future everyone.

:rainbow: :rainbow:

I'm off to share some quiet time with my sweetie!

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Happy Eastern Time Zone New Year!!!

I decided to open a bottle of wine, now that it's the new year in part of the US.... yucky wine. Not a good way to start everything off! So..... I got a beer out instead!
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Have a great time with your sweetie! Wish I had one to celebrate with!
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Hi Jin,

Well beer works too for celebrating and toasting!
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JIn! Beer is much better! I've only had 4 or 5 so far....or maybe sixth or sheven. :LOL:

Isn't it midnight there yet? Oh no wait...Colorado is behind Iowa....so you are at 10:20 then, and it is 11:20 here. Did you read my PM to you that I sent when I first got online yet?
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LOL Debbie you are too funny! Your post made me laugh! :laughing2
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