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Anyone besides me???

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Will anyone other than me be celebrating New Year's Eve right here on TCS??? Hubby is going out, but I have to stay home with Amber so I am going to have a few drinks and chat on here after she goes to bed. That way I am not alone. I could have gotten a sitter, but I would not have been able to party at all since I would have to drive her home, so I would have been the only sober one in the bunch...not much fun, so I decided to stay home and party here!
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Hubby and the kids too! We'll keep you company!
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I'll be here Debby- Mike always crashes early and so I will be at the computer working on stuff. I'll celebrate with you- Can't think of a nicer group of people to hang with for the New Year anyway!
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Sorry ladies.... I'll be out partying!!!

I'll have a drink for you!
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I'm going to be playing cards with Mike and my parents.
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I may be able to make an appearance.

But remember we're all in different time zones! So some of us will be bringing in the New Year earlier than others.

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I will be home and in bed by 10;00 .I have to work New Years Day. Nursing home's don;t close on hoildays.Overtime!!!The only day;s I care to have off is Super Bowl Sunday!Christmas!Easter Day!July 4th!
Happy New Year!
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I might be here. I'm a nursing home employee too, and I have to be at work by 6:00 a.m. on New Year's Day so I can't celebrate too much this year!
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I'll be here, Debbie, but I can't stay up until midnight!
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Sorry to desert you guys on New Years Eve, but I'm going out on the town! I don't plan on getting wasted or anything...just having a good time with some friends singing some Karaoke and making complete fools out of ourselves! I promise to make a toast tomorrow night for all of my friends who couldn't make it...just for all of you!!LOL!
Happy New Year everyone!!
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Aw.... there's no place I'd rather be. But I usually log off late afternoon or mid-evening. Sounds funny because we work together in such a small space, but that's the only time (evenings) that hubby and I get to spend time with just each other. He happens to be on the phone now, so I'm here briefly tonight.

But we'll be having a quiet evening at home alone. We've been so sleep deprived lately, with any luck we'll actually be asleep at midnight!

so.... I'll say it now.

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Geezzzz....I am glad to hear I am not the only one that is going to be home! I was beginning to feel like a LOOOOSSSSSEEERRR! There was a time when I was ready to hit the road and do a bar or whatever, but now...nope. No desire! Am I getting old or what??!! I am 30, but really...I have been there, done that, bought the tshirt, don't need it anymore with drinking, bars, etc. I don't even think I can make it until midnight! :sleep3:

We are going to have my mom over for the evening since my dad is going to be out of town...maybe make some nachos, some pizza, etc. and hang out for awhile with a movie or something.
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A good friend is having a small party. Nothing crazy, we are all getting older. I don't go out a lot, I agree with carrie640, I'm a little past the bar scene, but a party should be fun. I know most of the people, and nobody gets out of hand usually. New Year's is not really a big deal, but for me it's an excuse to get together with friends.
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Yup - I'm at home too. Thing is, my new year will start waaaay ahead of the US, and waaaaay behind Aus. It's a shame we can't all yell HAPPY NEW YEAR at the same time.

Have said that though, it might be fun to have loads of new years on every hour dependent on where everyone is!!!!!
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Happy New Year to everyone - I'll be out at a friend's party.

We are only allowed in their house if we bring at least one bottle of bubbles (Champagne) each. Last year we ended up with 3 bottles of champagne each, and enough wine and beer to float a battle-ship. But we only broke 5 glasses and one table (too much frantic dancing round the house). Result!
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I'm here Debby! I'll be here...oh wait...it's only 2 hours to go here...how many hours to go where you are?
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I will probably be asleep, or on here, if hubby isnt online himself. I plan on spending a quiet night at home with a good book 'The Lovely Bones'
But if I am not online tonight, then HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Where has this year gone??? Its gone by so fast!
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I am planning on staying home, watching movies (hopefully, if my Amazon order comes in) and chatting here. I really dislike dealing with the drunks on the road, and I don't want to spend the night at some packed, over-priced bar. So, I'll have a few beers, make pizza and relax.
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:mimouse: We're going to Disneyland..... (darn, guess I have to sneek in my own drinks!) :mimouse:
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I should be just be getting off work, so I will probably be on the computer there or at home. I can't make too many plans, or someone will come in late, and want something that takes 2-3 hours. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
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have to work New Years Day. Nursing home's don;t close on hoildays.Overtime!!!
I work at a nursing home too and I tried and tried to get New Years into my scheduele, but nobody wanted to take it off! So this is the first year in four that Darrell and I will be spending it together. He has to work, he has no choice, so I'll be celebrating it down at his hotel. Whoo-hoo. No overtime for me .
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I still don't know what is happening. I may go to my mother's and play trivial pursuit. We might not go anywhere as John's mom was admited to the hospital yesterday. We'll see how she does today before making a decision.
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Ady, I'm sorry to hear about John's Mum. I'm thinking of her and hoping that she's OK.
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I am going to a friend's house for a get-together. Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve!

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I will be out at the club that hubby works at. I would much rather be going to a friend's house/party, but that's not how it worked out.

Happy New Year Everyone!!
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I'll be home. The S/O had to go to California on business, and now that he's on his way back, he decided to stop in Vegas. So he'll be spending New Year's Eve there. I'm not the partying type, so I'll probably open a nice bottle of wine and kick back and relax with anyone that's here!
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I won't be here either I'm afraid, it is the one day I can go out and have some old fashioned fun. we are going to a house party since the bar scene isn't for us much anymore either. I have to stop into work tonight for about an hour or so tonight to help with computer work but after that, I'll be drinking wine and having a good old time, if anyone is sober enough to talk to when I get back. but I want to wish you all a great new year and hope it's filled with all the things you want out of life!
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The only reason I'll be home is because we are currently doing more renovations. Usually Rob doesn't get home till late during the normal work week, so we've been doing extra work because of his time off. So we've been working our fingers to the bone.

Ahhh...nothing like having a place that needs renovation! It eats up our time and money! But it's our home and we're glad to have it.

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Count me in as a stay at homer too. Hubby has to work tonight, so I'll be celebrating the New Year at home with my kitties. 2 of my sisters and my nephew are coming to spend the night, so we'll probably just rent a movie and eat food all night long. :LOL:
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Bill and I have tickets, for the party, at our regular hangout. We had a good time, there, last year.

We take a cab and avoid the driving hassles. This way, I can have a few drinks, too. Bill doesn't drive at night, so I never have more than two drinks, over the course of an evening. New Year's Eve is the one night that I can get a bit tiddly.
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