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More Nala Pics

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Here are some more pics of Nala. Our Camera is taking these off color a bit. The wall behind her should be light yellow/tan not blue.

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She's cute and look at those ears!
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She's adorable, looks like trouble
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Oh man, she's precious. I want an Abby so badly, it hurts.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
Oh man, she's precious. I want an Abby so badly, it hurts.
I have two pet qualities available - Bulan's & Suria's sister Bintang (Star) and Adik's brother (Abang - registered name mean Invincible one) ... shipping would be a pain though!
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She will be shown next weekend and in New Mexico for the TICA annual. Nala is my daughter's (Cassidy) cat. She needs to own and show a shorthair cat to advance in her Jr. Achievers. Although I know nothing about the Aby std she seems to have it down.

Cassidy received a 1st in the Advanced Intermediate class at the regional awards last weekend.
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What a wonderfull result! Great choice of SH cats..but then, I'm biased!
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She is very cute. I like her head shape and ears!
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I'd like to see a more natural color picture - you said she was fawn?
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she's beautiful! thanks for sharing, and I hope your daughter does well at the show!
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Yes she is Fawn. The problem is their is some setting on the camera that was changed. I'll see if I can get better ones this afternoon.
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Just questioning the color because she looks more blue then fawn
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That name really suits her, she is adorable!
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