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Hobbes being aggressive

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Hey guys!

General question...

Some of you may know my two kitties, Sunny and Hobbes. They're littermates, about three years of age...always the most loving pair I've ever owned (and I've had many, many cats in my life).

Sometimes I notice that Hobbes gets quite aggressive with Sunny when he wants something...like his food bowl is getting empty, or the water is about to be empty. But sometimes it's for simply no apparent reason at all!

Well, yesterday morning, it sounded like an all-out cat fight happened in my house! He'd already gotten too aggressive with her once that morning, and I told him to knock it off...then later on, I heard her just all out scream at him! By the time I'd jumped out of bed and gotten to them, she was hiding under the desk, and Hobbes ran off to run under the bed at my approach. I tried coaxing Sunny out, but she just wouldn't.

But, a few minutes later, she came over, trying to get him out from under the bed! Huh?

I've quite literally never heard her so mad...but then she tried to comfort him (which seemed quite in-character for her, since they very much love each other).

So, my question is this: his food bowl was still full, had plenty of water, etc...why else would he have gotten so aggressive? Could neutered cats just occasionally feel aggression, despite the lack of hormones?

(They're both altered, by the way...Hobbes was more than ready at four months, Sunny spayed at six months.)

Do your boy kitties do this?
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Lucy has become more aggressive towards Carly. She runs up to Carly, hissing and whacking at her. I've been trying to figure a way to help Carly as she is getting jumpy. I'm going to get some Feliway refills to see if it helps.

Maybe some Feliway to calm Hobbes down. It could be redirected aggression if he's seen or smelled another cat in his territory.
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Ya know...that's what I was thinking, too. Ok...we'll pick some of that up.

Could it be perhaps that there are other cats in the neighborhood? They are strictly indoor cats, and he's never shown anything but fear of the outdoors, not to mention we're on the second floor...but could it be possibly he smells them>
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Maybe they are going through kitty adolescence?

I think it can be quite common with cats their age even if they have previously been the best of friends.
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