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Is it really true?

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(might be better off in SOS move it there if its too grapic a question)

Well as I was going back from famaous Daves I told my dad that in the book, Food pets die for, The author actually dscovered that a vet was using the euthanized shelter dogs and cats for pet food, they shipped them to a meat rendering plant and they were made into meat meal which sold them to a pet food company (Part of me doesnt want this book yet another wants me to arm myself wth knowlage and to see about the safe food options listed)

My dad sad he dosent believe it and thinking about it I dont want to either. If it is could you post pictures I could show him or others I can warn peope not to buy food with this in it.
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The book is about unhealthy ingredients in foods, not that animals are euthanized to go into food. Here's a briefing about the book:
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I need Pics/video's to show my dad and others though.
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^^^ What she said.

However, it is true. There was a test on foods done in one or two locations somewhere in the washington/metropolitan area ( a tiny sample) and LOADS of pet foods came up positive for euthanasia drugs. I can PM you a link if you'd like..
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Whaaat? Have they learned nothing from the whole Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis fiasco? It was caused by turning cows into cannibals, right? Okay, cows are natural vegetarians and dogs and cats are not, so maybe, maybe that's not as dangerous, but it's certainly just as appalling and sick and depraved!

Is there nothing, NOTHING in this world so horrific that some corporation won't do it for another single penny of profit?
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Yep don't buy food with (MM) MEAT MEAL or (MBM) MEAT AND BONE MEAL- it could have cats and dogs in it!

I have to say honestly this ranks right up there with killing half the gray wolves in North America! Which the Bush adminstraion plans to do starting on Aug 6th! I woul donate but I cant aford it right now

Go to to stop this evil Wolf saving
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There is already a thread about this in Cats and Other Animals. This thread is about animal products that go into pet food.

I would like to go and check out the food we feed to our babies. Of course if you go to the company website you never get the truth. I know there are a number of websites you can look at in the States - does anyone know if there are any for Australia? It should be easy enough to find out with our old friend Google
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Australia is FAR FAR stricter on what is in the foods ... I will see what I can google here

Yes somethings in pet food are unexpected but READ THE DATES on the studies and then ask the company whose food you use to show you the RECENT studies ...
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I met a woman in the parking lot, we were talking pet food, she knew someone who worked at P_____ and she said that they quit because
she saw FIRST HAND that dead pets DO go into pet food--it is perfectly legal.

Read the PDF files:
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I've read that too, as well as other articles about the manufacture of pet food, and I think saying that they make pet food out of dead pets is really going just a tad too far. Some pet carcases are intentionally rendered, yes, but those are primarily used for non-food products. The problem comes in the process whereby the source material for the rendered food products is identified. Renderers aren't required to identify ALL the source material in the product, they're only required to identify the primary source material. So if they certify the source material as slaughterhouse waste, yes it's possible some carcases of some other animals might get mixed in. But there's no way of telling from the end product. So the pet food companies aren't intentionally and knowingly buying rendered pet carcases. They're buying something labelled "animal by products meal." If there happens to be a couple of Spots, Rovers, and Fluffies in there, they can maintain plausible deniability.

Frankly, if you read the articles closely you find the author's final conclusion is that it's no big deal.
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I think it is a big deal that my Mittens and Cassy used to eat Fluffy and Rover!
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It's a pretty good motivation to not buy any food made from by-products anyway.
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