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Cat Bed

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Both my cats have taken to sleeping in the bathroom sinks. They like to curl up on a towel and seem to enjoy the snug fit in the sink. While I thought this was cute at first I started looking into more appropriate cat furniture similar to the effect the sink has that they might go for.

I found these and was wondering if anyone uses them and if their cats actually like them.


Or any other suggestions.

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Some of mine like that type of bed, others like tents.

I wonder if yours are sleeping in the sinks because they are cooler this time of year. Even with the air conditioning, mine are hanging out on any stone surface right now: sinks, countertops, porcelain tile floors.

If its the coolness they are after, this bed might now work right now as it's fleece lined.
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I know a few cats who like that kind of bed, cats being cats you never can tell how it will go with yours
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Ooo, that's a cool new thing from Fosters and Smith... I've pretty much given up on investing in beds for Oliver (at least for now - recent college grad way in debt! )... I've bought him several kinds, based on where he chose to sleep and he barely uses them.... plus, when it's time to go to bed for the night, Oliver's always in my bed with me!

Let us know how your cat likes it if you do get it though!
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I use a bed that you can fold 3 ways. Its an igloo/tent type, normal bed, and a "lounger" which kinda looks like a kitty chair. They prefer the normal bed style. Mostly because 2 of them can sleep together. I got it at petsmart, but I got it for $10 because they had it in the wrong spot!
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I bought one that's like this from petsmart:

My cats both always want to sleep in it, so I had to get a second one.

Both of my cats have a "thing" about needing to see what's going on at all times, so I don't think either of them would like a bed with a 10" rim around it.

Besides, the second bed I bought was only $3.75 on ebay, and I'm a cheapskate. :P
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Whiskers, that is so cute! I turned around my monitor when I saw the cat bed, to show my fiancee...

He rolled his eyes. lol

around here i could see it being good in the winter.

As far as what I have here, though, both cats seem to like fleece blankets. Just plain old fleece blankets. Which is great, because i like them, too.

Oh and plastic bags. I don't know what the deal is with that.
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Originally Posted by benthicat View Post
As far as what I have here, though, both cats seem to like fleece blankets.
That's what mine like too. The fleece that is on the couch for them was out of sight for a few days (laundry...) and they barely slept in that spot. They have beds too and I think they'll get a lot of use in the winter time.
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Target sells one very similar to that, I think they call it a cat pod or something LOL. I thought about buying it for Tsar but I'm not sure if he can jump over the sides yet. It looked especially snuggly.
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