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If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. I have a 6 month old female cat that has been experiencing chronic bouts of diahrea ever since I got her. They go away for a few weeks and then they're back again. She's been treated for worms 3 times and I can't figure out what's wrong with her. All the vet seems to want to do is keep popping the worm pill down her throat and say "she'll be fine". Anyone have any suggestions/answers, etc...? Thanks!
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I don't have any real specific advice, but I'm sure some of the more kitty knowledgeable folks will soon.

I would keep a log of when she has the diarrhea, along with anything else in your life different. You may notice something, like it is after using cleaning products, giving a certain treat?

And then I'd probably find a new vet. I had a vet like that, and I am so happy with my new vet. He takes the time to discuss things with me, addresses the overall health of the animal rather than just prescribing drugs all the time, and is always very helpful.
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I would suspect giardia (also called beaver fever) I would start giving her filtered water and quality food (not that you aren't giving her quality food) You can also give her a little bit of kaoepectate to help her out. You might also want to consider adding some Grapefruit Seed Extract to her wet food (just 2 drops a day) will work wonders. It is alot easier on her system and will help kill any harmful bacteria that is working on her inside. You can buy a small bottle of GSE for about $9.00.
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Oh! I'd assumed the vet was running a fecal for worms and would have checked for Giardia as well! Is he just giving pills without really knowing if she has worms? Poor kitty! A fecal exam can tell you whether or not it's Giardia, which is contagious to humans and other pets, and a short program of Metroinzidale (??) will clear it up.
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It could be a simple matter of diet. My male will have loose stool unless he is on Nutro or wellness anything else and it's horriable.
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Spike had the same sort of problem this summer. We had blood tests and xrays done, but everything came back fine. So, the vet gave me Centrine for the little guy, which is pretty much equivalent to Immodium for humans. The problem was that it just blocked him up and the real problem wasn't taken care of until I brought him to see the third vet at the same office. She gave him a Depo Medrol (20ml) injection and prescribed an antibiotic (Metronidazole - 62.5mg). She figured that his tummy or intestines were infected or inflamed. Anyway, that did the trick. It took three vets and a ton of bloodtests and xrays, but in the end, it cleared. I hope your little girl gets better soon.
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My vet just gave me Flagel, which is supposed to help. However, it is supposedly the nastiest tasting medicine so it's hard to give...also she gave me a bland cat food (I think it's called I/D?) which seems to be helping. She also said the runny stool could be a result of the recent worming treatment...maybe a little irritation left. I'm getting a little frustrated with this, since i've got 3 cats and they just keep spreading things back and forth...the 3rd was a stray and seems to have brought all kinds of ailments with him.
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When we got our kitty...he had diarrhea all the time. Magnus came to us and had diarrhea. We fed Fancy Feast wet food and a mixture of Iams and Royal Canin Persian Formula. We thought his diarrhea was from the stress of a new home and new food since I wasn't able to find that same food the previous owner was feeding him.

He was healthy even tho he went poopies all the time (5-6 times when he'd pooped). We'd run after him and wipe his butt and bathe him to help keep him clean and less stinky.

After a while it was just weird that he didn't ever become regular. I took him the vet once, and that vet de-wormed him and put him on I/D and flagyl too. It worked for a while but it didn't last. The problem came back. I swtiched our kitty to Nutro wet food to see if that would help and it did a little. Took him to a new vet and he was tested for Giardia and later the new vet suspected he had inflammatory bowel disease. What a bummer!!! I thought poor Magnus he's a fairly young cat...we had to give him flagyl on a more consistent basis once to twice a week...just so he'd be regular. The vet told me that it was ok that Magnus diarrhea all the time as long as he was eating, drinking, and active...it's not the most comfortable of situations but it was anything to be overly concerned about.

Later, I heard that it could be food allergy. I had to figure out if he a food allery you'd have to try to narrow it down to the food that was the problem. I stopped giving him the flagyl just to see if it was just a food allergy, and I tried just Iams dry with Nutro wet...no luck. After talking with my fellow cat owners, they'd all tell me how they didn't like Iams cat food and that it was bad. I didn't really understand why but they all said it gave them problems with their kitties. I found this surprising since I thought Iams was a premium cat food. So one day...I I decided to try just Royal Canin for his dry food (a mix of Persian--gold bag and Sensitive Stomach--purple bag) and VIOLA!!! He's all better. Once in a while, he does go twice and it's a bit soft, but it's A HUGE improvement in comparison to the messy bouts he'd have. So sad that my hubby and I would cheer for Magnus when he'd have nice hard poopies. But we are so relieved to see an improvement.

So maybe you can try that Sensitive Stomach formula. I know it's kind of expensive but lots of times I can get a good deal at Petco...buy one bag get one free so after that it's kind of reasonable.

BTW flagyl is terribly bitter...I can even smell the bitterness...I'd given him a suspension form and the soft chew pill form...he didn't like neither. I mixed the suspension with chicken baby food and he'd eat it...and with the soft chew I just pilled him and he took it fine otherwise he'd spit it out and hide under the couch or something.

Sorry this is so long but anyways, good luck and I hope your kitty gets better.
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