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New food I'm thinking of trying...Opinions please?

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I've switched my cats to all wet but in the last few days I've noticed that two of them are not crazy about Wellness. I've tried every flavour for Polkie but he is not eating it. Dusky is also turning up her nose at her kitten food. It's driving me insane because I know she's not getting enough.

So I saw this brand called Organics by Nature and wanted your opinion please. Is it as good as Wellness? It is slightly cheaper but i'm not sure if some of the ingredients are bad. Here are the full ingredient list in order for the flavour Organic Turkey and Turkey Liver:

Organic turkey,
Natural well water,
Organic turkey liver,
Dicalcium Phosphate
Potassium chloride
Organic Guar Gum,
Choline Chloride,
Vitamin supplements (E, A, Riboflavin, D3 & B12)
D-calcium Panthotenate
Thiamine Mononitrate
Folic acid
Ferrous Sulfate
Zinc Oxide
Manganese Sulfate
Copper Sulfate
Calcium Iodate
Sodium Selenite

I'd love to hear what you think. I'm desperate! They are not eating the Wellness...
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I'd try Innova EVO thats a good brand for wet. Origen is a good dry but you need to look for it.
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I live in Ontario and have not been able to find Innova or Origen
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I like this line and the naturals by nature line as well. It's part of the Blue Seal company.
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Orojn is made in Canada! So I have a hard time believing its not over there.

Go to to find others
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Ours eat PetGuard, Natural Balance and Merrick in addition to Wellness foods. Good luck with your food search. It's very hard to get the right canned food for your cats.
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Originally Posted by temperpolk View Post
I live in Ontario and have not been able to find Innova or Origen
Orijen is made by a company in Alberta. Our local small town pet food store just started carrying it and it's a winner. She has customers lined up for it. If you have a local pet store where you shop a lot and they know you, they will probably order it in for you. Our store here in town has been fantastic about ordering for me. They ordered Merrick in for me and now they have other customers buying Merrick.

I would say if you live in the US you may have a more difficult time finding Orijen, but talk to the folks at your pet store.

BTW, I'm finding that the Orijen goes a lot further - both cats eat less than any other brand I've ever had. It obviously has the nutrition they need without over-eating all the grain-filled brands. Their litter boxes don't smell as much either. I can stand with my head over the box when cleaning and there really isn't any odour.
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The food you picked is one I recommend...

I have samples of Orijen and WOWWOWOWOW ... My Zoey loves it and seems to be doing well..

What other foods does the store you shop at carry .... this will help me NOT give a bunch of foods you cant get
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Organics by Nature is selling at Super Pets. They no longer sell Wellness since they got bought out. I get Wellness from my small Pet Value store close to my house. I cant remember the names of the other foods I was checking today at Super Pets because the Organics kind of stuck with me. I know I didn't see Orijen. Does it only sell in Alberta? Are there specific pet stores that carry it?

If I can't find Orijen, is Organics by Nature a good food? I got a small can to try and my finicky Polkie loved it! The thing is that there is no kitten formula in that brand for Dusky, but the can does say that it's good for all life stages. If I have to switch them now from Wellness because they don't like it, I dont want to pick an inferior food.
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I like the by organics wet but the dry is not bad but not what I like
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Thanks Sharky . It's good to know that Organics wet is good. All my cats are now on wet alone, so all I buy is wet. I still have quite a few cans of Wellness. I'm thinking I'll try to switch it up now and then until all Wellness is gone if they will have it. Maybe a couple of days Organics and then a day Wellness or so. If not, I'll have to donate the Wellness to the local shelter.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Their litter boxes don't smell as much either.
It's funny you should say that because I've recently changed Mosi to Orijen dry. He eats grain free wet and the dry he was on before was a pretty good premium dry, but it wasn't grain free. Since he's been on the orijen, and therefore a grain free diet all round, I've really noticed a difference in the litter box. His poos don't smell much at all now. I wasn't sure whether changing to the orijen was responsible or not as I have recently changed the brand of litter I use (same type just different brand).
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