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cat ran away

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About 1 yr. ago I took in a stray cat. Yesterday I brought home a puppy. the cat (who usually stays outside) went in, took one whiff and ran under the bed. She hid there until late that night when she took the opportunity to ran outside. help!!!! she has not come back nor eaten all day. Will she ever b back?
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I would recommend looking at this site, http://www.lost-pets.org/ for tips on finding your cat. Often they are not far, but they are hiding. Make up some flyers and go out into the neighborhood to see if anyone has see your baby. Also, see if they can check garages, sheds, etc, to make sure she hasn't been accidentally shut in.
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Go outside and call for her, keep calling, but 'sweetly' - don't holler, and tell her how good she is. Be very patient, it can take a while til she feels safe to come out. If you see her, do NOT chase her, just keep calling and mewing yourself. Don't grab her, but let her go in by herself. However, the puppy must not be anywhere near the door or she'll take off again. What will you do next - keep the dog?
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Thanks for your reply. The cat has actually come back but only to our backyard (not inside). That is a step right? and today she sat outside while I took the puppy out on a leash. She was just sitting there staring.

Yes, we are keeping the puppy. I just want my cat back as well!
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Well if she could see the puppy going out, at the same time someone inside rattles her box of dry food, maybe she can be persuaded to go inside, but for how long once the dog returns? It feels like you're driving her out without having really considered how she'd feel when you got the dog, and are possibly prepared to lose her now for the dog's sake (even though you say you want her back).
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