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litter box problems

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There is a lot of advice about littler box problems but I am not sure it applies to our problem. We have two cats, one male, one female who have lived with us for several years. Both are neutered.

Both cats were originally "rescued' from being outside. "Albert has been with us the longest. He was brought in from the cold (literally) and craved human contact. He is a big (long) cat initially skin and bones.

Albert soon filled out to be a large (very large) cat. He is so fat, he cannot clean his himself. He weighs about 28 lbs. His fur also becomes matted. My wife has tried to brush it, but he doesn't like it pulling the snags.

There is one food bowl for both cats and it is impossible to put one on a diet without doing likewise for the other.

"Casey" was also rescued. She is tiny and much more active than Albert. They get along alright but play only occasionally. While Albert is an indoor cat, Casey would not accept being trapped indoors and snuck out at every opportunity. We allow her out but only during the day. We do not want her out all night.

Off and on for the last year, Albert would miss the litter box with a bowel movement. There are two litter boxes with scoopable litter which are kept clean. Because of Alber't size, he sometimes would get in the box but the business end would be outside.

We got a bigger box. It has stlightly larger sides. There is plastic carpet protector under both boxes. It is the bigger box where he "misses"

As a solution to Alberts matted fur, he was groomed. During grooming, he was drugged and was very strange for several days following. He did come around and went back to his people loving ways. This was about a month ago.

Just lately, he is going back to pooping on the floor in front of the litter box. We believe he still urinates in the litter as there have been no stains or otherswise strong urine order.

We can't put any kind of deterent near the litter box because we believe it would act as a barrier to him getting in. In the next couple weeks we are getting all new carpeting for the house and I am worried the problem will continue. His recent behavior is to do his business on the plastic, but in the past he did it on the old carpet.

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I don`t know where you live but where I live the vet does a clinic for overweight cats. 28lb is pretty big and I think this could be part of the reason why he`s pooping on the floor. Has he seen a vet recently?

Also is it not possible to feed the cats seperatly several times a day? Then you can monitor what this guy is getting and reduce his weight.
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I've noticed my cats were gaining weight eating too much dry food.

Your kitty is probably not very happy with his weight and he wants you to put him on a diet, feed him three times a day good quality wet food only.

If he is on a good quality wet food already then he needs more exercise, he probably is jealous of the other kitty going outside. Let the other kitty stay inside and play with Albert.
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Could it be that Albert has trouble getting into the boxes, given his size?

As far as his weight goes, I assume he is too big to get up onto things. Can you put Casey's food up high someplace where he can't get? Also, don't leave food down all the time. Put it down for 30 min to an hour, twice a day. If you leave it out all day they nibble all day and overeat. It will only take a couple of days for them to learn to eat their fill while the food is down.
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If he doesn't have problems getting into the litter box due to his size, then try a deeper box. A lot of people on this site use deep Rubber Maid type bins when they have cats the eliminate over the edge. Half of my boxes are Sterilite bins and the other half oversized litter boxes. My cats actually prefer the bins over the boxes.

I agree with others about the diet. He might be having some problems because of his size.
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