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Pictures! (11!)

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Here is Aurora, a feral cat that my fiancee and I saved and brought home at only 1.5 days old. She was just skin and bones and we never thought she would make it- but she proved us wrong! In these pictures, she is about 2 months and a week old!! She is not pure bred or anything like that, but she is gorgeous!

This first picture is of Aurora when she was just a few days old, followed by the recent pictures:

Here are the recent photos!

And my other cat, Mojo (She is evil, and threatened that if I take another picture- it would be the last picture I ever snapped)

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Awww love the pictures, that was sweet of you to rescue her, Im glad she made it... Your other kitties are cute as well... Hayabusa huh? Like the bike?
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God bless you for rescuing her! She's probably not purebred but I see Siamese!

Lol about Mojo- Moonlight is just the opposite. If I pull out the camera, he'll be quick to strike a pose. He loves being the center of attention!
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Yeah, Hayabusa like the bike, we also own a Whippet that we named Hayabusa because we cant afford one until after our wedding on August 25th!! We do own sport bikes though, Lol (Didn't expect anyone to know about a Hayabusa on a cat site Lol)

I don't think it is Siamese, just merely the pointed coloring somewhere had to have been in her genes in order for her to look like this. Perhaps a Birman or something like that.

Yeah, Aurora LOVES the camera, it is very difficult to snap pictures of her without just getting a big blurry kitten face slammed close to the camera lense! Lol But Mojo just glares at it. I dont joke when I say she is evil.. Hehe. But having Aurora in the house sure has calmed Moo down. She watches over the young one etc... but also tries to play. Often too rough, but the kitten has been through so much (severe kidney infection at only a week and a half old, she is only half the weight she should be due to this and much more,) so Aurora can handle herself quite well. She is going to learn how to push back with Mojo for when she is old enough to rough house with her. Hehe
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Yes indeed I know what a hayabusa is... Ive been around bikes plenty. My bf has a suzuki gsxr 750 (used to have a 1000) so I like to dabble in the knowledge of bikes... Hope you get that bike one of these days... They are slick. Here is the bf's bike hehe

sorry for the hijack,

BTW I love that name for a pet...
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Lol! Thanks, yeah, we were either going to name the dog Vette (Corvette) or Hayabusa (Busa for short) And, seeing as she is a Whippet and they are so fast and slick, we went for Hayabusa. Lol. Awesome to meet another fanatic in the strangest of places!
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Thinking of posting more pictures today!
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Aren't they gorgeous Mojo's got such a pretty face as well
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she is gorgeous im so glad she made it your other kittie does look a bit but is still cute as hell!
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