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Made a new friend today

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I had to take the bus to work today and low and behold I made a friend at the bus stop this morning. I was just standing there freezing my hinny off waiting for the bus in the dark when I hear this crunching. In the bushes next to me is this young looking orange cat (let's call him Picasso because he had beautiful swirls on his coat). He sees me and freezes and I crouch and whistle him over. He was very timid at first, then he became so affectionate - he wanted snuggles and loving! he wouldn't leave me alone. He had no collar and was kind of skinny, but had a thick gorgeous coat so I don't know if he was a stray or just a house cat on the prowl. I tried to tell him to stay away from the road but he kept walking out on it. I gave him the meat from my sandwich ( he looked hungry) and then the bus came and scared him away (althought the driver did see him and ask if he was my cat). I am going to look for him tonight to make sure he is ok and if need be put up posters in the neighbourhood if he is a stray - I'll take him home and keep him in the spare room if I have to. i hope he is in someone's house!
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I hope so too, I so love orange kitties! Thanks for looking out for him.
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I do hope he's OK! Please let us know if you see him again?
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Ady, that was so sweet of you to give him the meat from your sandwich!!! You have such a kind heart!!!! I hope the kitty has a home, but if he doesn't, I hope you can find him again, because I know he will have a good home with you!!!! Keep us posted!!!!
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Awwww....you sacrificed the meat from your sandwich...

You soft hearted Torontonian you....

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Now I know why I love Canada so much!! Can I change my citizenship??
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Well - I searched last night and this morning all around the neighbourhood and no sign of Picasso. Hopefully that means he is warm and dry and fed in someone's home. I will look around the ravine tomorrow!
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Keep us posted, but hopefully not finding him means he has a warm safe loving home.
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