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I would just like to add, as a newbie, that my kitty seems to poop in the middle of the night and it really is not a pleasurable odor to say the least. My sleeping is erratic at best, so it's not usually that disruptive. (We like, just the two of us, in a rather small apartment and the litter box is not far away enough to prevent me from smelling # 2's.) On the digestive issue, it definitely is in correlation with the amount of food (including treats) she eats daily. I have had a rather hard time and wasted a LOT of money on getting the food formula down. I think I pretty well have it. But that is another post all to itself and I hope to do some more research as time allows as to how others have handled the food issue. My kitty seems to be extremely picky. Very high maintenance, you might say. My BIG QUESTION: is it normal behavior for cats to prefer to eat the exact same thing every single day, for every single meal? My kitty seems to be of this variety. ERGO - the waste of time, money, and energy seeking out different foods I thought she may enjoy; I was of course imposing my tastes upon hers, thinking she would enjoy some variety in her diet. Didn't work that way. AWESOME site, I am learning a whole lot and hope to continue doing so. 

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  Using Pellets solves All Litter issues.  :woohoo:


  No odor

  Less tracking

  Less toxic for their system

  Cost effective  


 Pellets = Sawdust that's it.     *lots of odor start with deworming ;)

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 My BIG QUESTION: is it normal behavior for cats to prefer to eat the exact same thing every single day, for every single meal?


Manny cats prefer to eat the same thing every day. I think they do it because it is safe. Their thinking goes something like this: the food I ate yesterday did not hurt me so I will eat it again today. This behavior is evident when a cat has a dental issue and they suddenly go off their food, even if the food can be swallowed whole. The food likely slid up and injured the gum or tooth and  the cat blames the food and refuses to eat it the next time. Sometimes a cat will gorge on a food and instead of vomiting up some, they just keep it down and feel sick. Think of eating way too much cookie dough; how soon are you likely to eat more? How many of you have brought a new food home and kitty devours the food only to not touch it the next day. They blame the food for making them sick and go back to their old food. This does not mean there was something wrong with the new food, only that it was introduced incorrectly. I like to put the new food down and if they dive in, I remove the old food and watch them. Once they have eaten 15 pieces of food I pick the cat up and take them to another room and distract them with play. They forget about the new food and the next time they are hungry the food is not such a novelty and they seldom overeat to the point of being sick.


If a new food tastes good you can convince them to try it, but if you continue to mix the old with the new they often revert back to the old. Why? Because the novelty wears off and the old food is a safer bet. If you want to convert a cat to a new food, I believe that it is usually best to just switch instead of mixing the old with the new. In my experience as long as you go from a lower quality food to a higher quality food, you can just switch them over with few problems. Unless you know that your kitty has digestive issues. A higher quality food is usually defined as having a higher percentage of animal protein and fat.


Bring the new food home if they like it take away the old and monitor to make sure they are eating. What goes in must come out, so monitor the litter box. Most companies recommend a slow change over because that is what dogs need. So many of the rules for pets are based on what dogs need, like lots of starch. For the average cat you may see a softening of the stool with a quick changeover, but that is harmless and would have likely happened anyway.


Kibble size is another one that is geared to dogs. Dogs have grinding molars for crushing, your cat does not. Some companies even make foods for cats that force them to chew the food to supposedly help clean the teeth. The cats teeth are like ice picks and when you chop ice only the point stays shiny. It is the same with your cat's teeth. The problem area is at the gum line and that never gets scraped. Many small particles of food become lodged between the teeth and gums, when pointed teeth chew a hard food. Lodged food will increase plaque and gingivitis.


Cats prefer a food small enough to swallow whole and they like it round. Even if you give a cat a small piece of meat they will shake it and do the alligator chug and swallow it whole. Imagine chewing hard food on your eye teeth and your cat's teeth are even more pointed. I would like to know what reason a company has for making the food in the shape of a cross (+). I have never taken a pill that was not roundish. The same guys that decided to put fruit in cat food probably designed the shape of the food.


Sorry some senseless things just bug me.

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Hi ,sometimes my cats will come back to the litter tray 2 or 3 times to cover their business also they tend to scratch at the walls nearby .

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Please watch this video, it is crucial for your cats health

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Mine are fairly predicable also; my IBD kitty goes twice a day - usually early AM and mid to late afternoon. Her brother goes every-other-day, which is odd as they pretty much eat the same thing at the same time. They are close in weight also. 


When Carly was diagnosed with IBD I immediately took her off of dry food. I used to free feed dry, and give wet as a treat twice a day. Thankfully, that transition wasn't too difficult as they always looked forward to their "treat". Little did I know I could have been creating some serious health issues for them by having the kibbles available 24/7. Now they are on a primarily home cooked diet, but I still keep a few cans of Fancy Feast in my cabinet! If someone could come up with a totally health food that would smell and taste like Fancy Feast they would make a fortune. 

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That is truly a LOL !!!!!

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Best thing about having cats is you no longer need a shredder ,just tear your receipts in to little bits and put them in the plastic bags that you use for the used cat litter.

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Originally Posted by lillietweedy View Post

may be 10/12 times a day. Just my opinion.

Wow if your cat is pooping 10-12 times a day that is a problem. Maybe you meant they consumed 10-12 meals a day. In my experience a cat will poop once every 24-36 hours and will pee 2-4 times in 24 hours. If you cat is peeing more you may want to have a vet check for diabetes or kidney disease.

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Yeah, any cat peeing 10-12 times a day needs a vet exam and bloodwork done... I don't think my cat with kidney disease didn't peed that much.
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If your litter boxes are covered ones, try taking the cover off. Your cat might feel confined and be seeking an open space.
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One of my feral's Lane uses the box so much I wonder some times if somethings wrong.

He goes five six or more times per day. I can't keep up with him. I use to start laughing at

him while I'm scooping out the box. I clean the box five or six times a day trying to prevent



I have six. Two 17 year old's and four young feral's.


I hear Lane in the box trying to dig his way to China, And I say, this can not be right.


Is there something wrong?

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Cucumella is 14 years old. She has been living with me for the last 5 years as an "interior home cat".  I feed her Purina Cat Chow for adult cats in the variety offered: (meat, chicken, fish and and balanced Cat Chow mixture for adults living inside).

I don'thave a feeding time table for her. I make sure her food and water dishes are always full. She eats when she wants but she is not at all overweight. She drinks a lot. Very occasionally I give her a few little pieces of raw fish because she can smell it when I am preparing to cook some and she becomes desperate for it  But I give her very very little because she doesn't digest it well and ends up vomiting it. . She doesn't like it cooked.  


I don't exactly know how many times a day she poops but when I scoop the litter box every morning I usually find two fairly large pieces of dry poop and 3 or 4 balls of clamped litter. I buy "Super Mix" with long lasting odour control. There is absolutely no smell.


She NEVER poops or wees outside the litter box.  

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My five cats poop differently: younger ones tend to go twice a day; old ones only once.

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On a average 24 hour day my two special rescues

relieve themselves twice.

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