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Brush for short-med hair..?

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Has anyone found a brush (or comb) that works really well for short/med hair cats? Ive got a slicker and a undercoat rake (for my long hairs) and combs and brushes all over but none of them really seem to do a good job.
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I find that the flea comb works the best on short hair and medium haired cats the best. I've even used it on our lab at times cause it gets a ton of fur from her
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All systems or Chris Christensen pin brushes. They come in 28mm or 35mm. The 28mm is great for semi longs. For short hairs I recommend bristle brushes
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I use a flea comb for my girls and I recently bought the Furminator. So far that is the best one, but I still use the flea comb afterward to help catch the flyaway hairs the furminator makes. (it really gets a ton of fur out!)
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I agree, go with the Furminator.
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Originally Posted by pee-cleaner View Post
I agree, go with the Furminator.
This is what I would recommend too. I use this on my long, med and short haired cats and it works wonder on all of them. The best comb I have ever used!
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I'd recommend the Zoom Groom, as it gets out a lot of hair. Even cats who don't like to be brushed seem to enjoy the Zoom Groom.
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I'll second the zoom groom recommendation, I got one just a few days ago and Nikita loves it. She'll lie flat on her side purring and then roll over when it's time for her other side. She hates being brushed normally.
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A Zoom Groom, really? Ive got one of those for my Great Dane but Ive never thought of using it on my cats. Ill have to give it a try! I have a flea comb that works really good for all of my cats except one. He's got super fine hair (like a rabbit) and all his loose hair practically comes out by the handfull but the comb doesnt even make a difference. Im gonna go look up the Furminator and try out my Zoom Groom on him. Thanks!!
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Noodle's hair is very fine also. (And very easily inhaled!) I find using the furminator first and then following up with the zoom groom to catch her loose -fly-away- hairs is good.
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