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pics of some of the shelter dogs.

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sorry if these are huge, if I resize them anymore they will lose the quality.

this is Acorn. she's a 5 month old catahoula leopard dog and she came in a week ago and nobody reclaimed her. their loss! she's the sweetest and the most gorgeous dog!

this is Coal.. he's a 5 year old lab/pointer mix but I think he has some dane in him too because he's so tall! he's such a sweetheart. he was a stray that nobody came looking for.

this is Savena.. she's a 4 year old pit bull mix and the sweetest she is so silly! I think she may have some amstaff in her as well. she hasn't been treated the best in her life. she's such a happy-go lucky dog, though.
licking her chops for a cookie..

you can see how stocky she is in this picture..

more coming..
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this is VasQue.. he's a rottweiler/shepherd mix but I think he may have some husky in him, too. he's 9 months old and has been chained his whole life. He is awesome!

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this is Chesney.. we adopted him out last year as a pup at about 2 months and he was brought back the other day because they didn't want him anymore and because the lady was having a 2nd child. it's definately their loss! he is about a year and a half now. he's a heeler/acd/lab mix but I think he has some kind of setter in him, too. he's the sweetest.

this is Fala.. she's a 7 year old beagle/lab mix and so sweet. she reminds me of a smaller version of my Rocky.

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this is Snow.. she's an 8 month old border collie mix and the sweetest. she was adopted out as a pup last winter. her and her siblings Flake and Drift were abandoned on our doorstep in a box in the winter. the people called awhile ago and told us they were chaining her up and she was biting kids and they were hitting her not the kids but the family who adopted her. :evil: so the lady who runs the shelter went to go get her.

this is Lasso. she is a spaniel/golden retriever mix and about 2. she is the sweetest dog. she's the dog in my signature.

hope you enjoy as much as I did taking their pictures and visiting with them.
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They are all gorgeous!! I hope they all find wonderful new homes!
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Aww... they are all so cute! I so want to bring VasQue home with me... what a handsome pup.
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Fafa looks JUST like a dog we got in yesterday here! I was trying to figure out what the boy here was....I thought Beagle....but Fafa's pic just confirmed it!
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those are all such lovely dogs, I hope they find new homes!! love that first pic of Savena
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well the good news is that Acorn, Savena who is not good with dogs or cats was adopted by two girls who have no dogs or cats, and Snow is getting adopted tomorrow.

and here's a better picture of Acorn so you can see her markings better that I took for the website the other day.

I think she is the most precious pup ever!

I also hope the others get adopted soon. all the dogs are so sweet and awesome at the shelter. of course I love them like my own. they are "my" babies and of course my buddies.
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Oh my gosh! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Coal!

If I didn't think DH would kill me if I brought home another pup, I would be so there!
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I loved them all and they all made my cry. Shelter dogs break my heart, I just can't understand people at all. Mostly I'm ashamed to be one. I hope they all find happy FOREVER homes, those sweet dogs
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Don't worry, they are very well taken care of and spoiled rotten. and yes people do suck but we can only find them better forever loving homes.
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Awww Krista they're all soo cute!!! I hope they find good forever homes soon!!!!
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