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Went to the ER today

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I went there this morning after calling the doctor that prescribed Provera. I was bleeding heavy still and I had really really bad cramps. It hurt to stand kinda bad. Called the doctor. They said that the Provera should have stopped the bleeding and I should not feel pain like I was. So got dressed and went there.

Long story short of what happened there. They gave me a shot to dull the pain, checked hemoglobin (normal) and did an xray (normal) and sent me home with some pain killers. Said that within the next two weeks I need an ultrasound done.

Husband was told about a ob/gyn here in town that does payment plans. We are gonna get that number and make an appt.

The ER seems to believe this is a fibroid tumor above my cervix causing this problem. He didn't seem to think its hormonal so I wait until I get a gyn appt to find out for sure.

Until then I was told to continue with the Provera. But at least now I have some pain killers to help with the pain.
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Fibroid would be my guess too. I think they are fairly simple to remove and should take care of your problems.
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My understanding from family and friends that have this issue. Once one shows up even if they remove it its a reoccuring issue. 9 out of 10 times it ends with a hysterectomy. I know my mom had to have a hysterectomy because hers was reoccuring as well as 2 or 3 friends I know.

But either I can handle that. Sometimes life throws you curve balls to keep you on your toes. So what can you do.
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this site may help a little..... hope everything goes well!
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I'm sorry to hear you are in pain and I hope it gets better soon.
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You really need to be seen by a gynecologist, and I'm surprised that you weren't examined by one in the ER. I was experiencing some abdominal pain and bleeding five years ago, had scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist, and then literally collapsed from pain while out shopping. I was whisked off to the ER, where they determined I had a miome (benign growth) on the outside of my uterus, and performed a hysterectomy the next day.

My mom and sister have both had problems with fibroid tumors, too.
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The doctor said because my hemoglobin was good I did not need to see one that day. If my hemoglobin was not within normal levels I would have seen one today when I was there. Then again it could also have to do with we only have 2 ob/gyns in our whole county. If it had been any other day I would have made the trip into Savannah but thats atleast an hour away.

Hubby is supposed to get a number tonight from a nurse at his work to a doctor that is better able to work with us payment wise. 50 or so for a visit. And everything else can be done with a payment plan.
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I am glad you called the prescribing doctor, and that you went in to the er...very glad to hear you are not anemic, and hope that with the pain pills you can get some relief now.

I am super glad to hear it sounds like you found an ob/gyn you can see on a payment plan.

best wishes for this all to be properly diagnosed and resolved soon,
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Ping I wish you well I know everything will work out . I like jcat had the same problem and within days had a hysterectomy but this was at least 12 yrs ago now things seem to be changing.

Glad to hear you found a GYN this must make you feel a little better or less stressed.

Did you very call your local aid to see if they could help with the medical untill you get it ?

Well my friend glad you have some relief with the meds and get some rest.
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Thank You guys for all the support.
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I'm glad you went and got looked at.

I still recommend taking an iron pill supplement even though they said your iron levels are ok. Better to keep up the iron blood level by taking a supplement. One per day ought to be enough.
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You've been through such a wringer! I'm glad you're finally on your way to some serious help. Don't let yourself get dehydrated, and if you take iron, you might choose "SlowFE," which is processed to minimize stomach upset.

Take care and keep us posted, okay?
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Oh, one thing about iron pills. It will make your poops black. Don't panic if you see that
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