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One ball :-(

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When my SO took his cat to the emergency vet last week due to some urinary problems (he's all better now), the vet discovered that only one of his "jewels" had dropped. He's 2 and my SO hasn't gotten him neutered because "he doesn't spray." He doesn't, but the vet told him that if he doesn't get him neutered some serious health problems could arise. But, he has to get neutered to get the one jewel that has dropped, and the other one is still in his abdomen area, so they would have to a spay type procedure! Poor little kitty!
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Aww, poor guy. Here are some vibes for him.
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Our Ramsey had that, too. One teste dropped the other was attached to something inside him. He definetly got a spueter. LOL He pulled through just fine, too. Vibes for the boy!
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Aw, poor thing! Getting him fixed would help prevent a lot of possible medical problems in the future, so I hope your SO decides to get it done... especially since part of the kitty is being shy
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Yes they would have to do more surgery on males like yours. But if its retained, he could be very prone to cancer in the future. I'm assuming you have him scheduled to be neutered now?
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