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Kitten coming to its furrever home!

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I got an email yesterday from the cat man and the deaf kitty will be ready to come to his furrever home on Saturday!

I cant wait to meet this sweetie, and I have read up on everything that I need to know about introducing Peedoodle to the new kitten - he is 4 months old. Hissy's article is very good and will help me a great deal. I have cleaned up the spare bedroom for the kitten to help him with this adjustment and introduction.

The man who has the kitten said that he was owned by a man who was very sick with cancer and is on chemo and so he didnt have much to do with the cats, and as a result, they are very affectionate but dont like to be picked up, but I can understand that, I will work it on his terms.

Also, he is not yet neutered, so I will have to take him to my own vet to do that - what age is best? Kitty needs to recover from his illness first before we take him to the vet and traumatise him any further. I jsut want to take baby steps with him to make sure his transition is smooth.

I am a little nervous but I am excited!

The man has also asked me to help him find a new home for another deaf cat that may be coming his way. If anyone knows anyone in western North Carolina, let me know and I can give the man the news.
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Hopefully this will be early enough to curb the urge to spray!
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I'm happy for both of you. I'm so glad he's getting a forever home!
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How wonderful that you are taking in this special needs kitty. I will be very interested to hear how teaching the little one sign language goes. I would think that the hardest part will be getting his attention when you want it, but that's usually the case with hearing kitties too.

My vet recommended getting Trent snipped at 6 months. I've had no problems at all with spraying or other hormonal type behaviour.
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Our Vet uses this guide - when the baby teeth fall out. When you notice the first tooth missing, make the appointment. Their teeth fall out between 4 - 6 months, thus range most recommend.

Kellye, I'm so glad you're rescuing this very special little kitty! I hope he and Peedoodle become great friends.

And, uhem, I'd love it so much (after kitty's adjusted to the new home and you find some time) if you could write up the story for the SaveSamoa site! Saving a deaf kitty will have its own special issues, and it would be so nice to share it with others - don't you think?
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Great news!!! I'm sure you will have such an interesting journey!

I can't wait to hear how the little one will take to the sign language. Please keep us updated since this would be my first experience with someone who had to teach sign language to a cat!

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I can't wait to hear how it goes! That is so sweet of you!!!!
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Leo was neutered at 4 months, and he did better than any other cat I have ever had. He continued to have his kittenish sweetness for the rest of his life.
It is so good of you to take this kitty in. I hope everything goes well for you and both your kitties.
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That is so exciting! Congrats!
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Oh K, that's wonderful! Don't forget to show us lots of pics when he comes to you so we can all drool over your new arrival!
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