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What does DH stand for? What are some other abbreviations that are used here that I should know?
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Dear Husband
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DH - Dear Husband (unless you are mad at him)

DW - Dear Wife

SO - significant other (if you are not married)
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DD = dear daughter
DS = dear son
MIL = mother-in-law
SIL = sister-in-law
and so on..........
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I thought that might be what that was! Well, in that case, I have a SO and that's it!
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For a time we were trying to start a new tread of calling our SO's BN as in Background Noise... it doesn't seem to have caught on though.

Other often used ones include...
IMO: In my opinion
ETA: Edited to add

hmm... that's all I can think of right now
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IMO: In my opinion
BTW: By the way
LOL: Laugh out Loud
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