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Another intro gone wrong!

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Help! I have been reading the various threads and posts on this forum regarding new kitten introductions. I am stressed out with how ours is going and need a refuge to talk, support and advice ... oh and probably PATIENCE as many of you have pointed out.

I'm not sure how much history is necessary regarding my situation so here goes.

I have had Jade, 9 year old spayed female since she was a very young kitten. She has had interactions with various male cats in her life.

I just got Lola 3 weeks ago. Lola is a 12 week old female Egyptian Mau.

We've been having the 2 cats separate for the most part. Especially at night and when we are at work. There are plenty of food/water/litter box stations to go around. There has been tons of growling, hissing and swatting on both ends. Now Jade doesn't really hiss/growl anymore when in the same room with Lola, but she'll stalk her and pounce and actually fight where we have to break it up. There has been blood drawn once.

My latest dilemma is Jade peed on our loveseat last night. I sprayed tons of Nature's Miracle on everything that came in contact with the urine and this morning it still smells. In my experience with a sprayer who passed away last year, the smell never really comes out and I fear my year old loveseat is probably just been ruined.

1. For Nature's Miracle to really work and truly get the smell out ... how many cycles of drenching the fabric and letting it dry do you need to do? And just how drenched do you need to get it? Can the smell ever really come out of the foam they use in furniture cushions?
2. What else would you do to help Jade accept (and maybe eventually love) Lola? Tuna, perfume, more separation, let them duke it out, Feliway, all of the above?

Any responses are greatly appreciated. I am loving this forum!
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One thing you may want to do is have Jade checked out for a UTI. She's been under stress with the new little one and stress is a major contributor to UTIs.

As to Nature's Miracle, it usually takes several drenching applications to break down the urine. But passed that, I don't have a lot of information.

I'm sure that others will be along with more help on the intros. I do believe Feliway does help in stressful circumstances. Also, treats when they are together may help Jade associate Lola with good things.
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Oh very good point, I had completely not realized that stress could contribute to UTIs. I will get her checked out.

I'm glad that more than one drenching application may be needed and not just one. I drenched a cushion again today before I left for work, so I guess I may just keep drenching several times.

Treats is another good idea. I think I'll need to make a trip to get some kitty intro supplies! I already have several of the outlet plugs for the feliway dispensers (from previous cats) and so I can get some refills for those.
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Another trick that is often used.

Dab a little vanilla extract (make sure it is the real extract, not the artificial) under both cats' chins and near their tails. This helps them to start smelling alike.
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Im going threw exactly what you are going threw right now... Except I have 2 males now who are fighting, they are at the same stage your are at (stalking and fighting but chilling on the growling a bit)... Im sorry there was blood drawn, I havent had them get to that point.

It is very stressful and scary isnt it? I dont have much advice except to take it day by day (my first introduction to my male cat was with a female kitten and it was not this bad) and try to maintain your patience the best you can, that is what I am doing for now. I havent had any spraying (my kitten is intact still and not getting neutered till the end of this month, Im just waiting for him to do it)...

Feliway may help the situation, but I havent tried it to confirm that. Make sure you give all kitties the same amount of love and attention (which I am sure you do). I also have to seperate the cats from the kitten while I am at work and at night. At best right now they have about 1-3 fights from the time I get home and let them interact till the time I seperate them before bed time... Things will get better eventually, or so I am hoping!

Congrats on your new kitty btw
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katachtig ~ So vanilla extract, not the artificial kind. Hmmmm, I'm not sure what I have at home in my pantry I'll have to look at it when I get home.

trixie23 ~ I am so sorry that you are going through the same thing. It is very difficult as we want nothing more than for our cats to all get along and maybe even really love one another and nap together, groom each other, etc. I am trying much moreso the past week to give Jade extra attention. Honestly I think the first week or so of having Lola we weren't being good with this. :/ Since Thursday we have had them mostly separated. They fight through the door! Which amazes me! So we are trying to do this whole intro thing over again, more slowly, with more patience.
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I love the name LOLA... was gonna name my Nollee that. Hang tight it does take time. Ive gotten so fed up that I am letting them out together. My older cat is chilling out and now the kitten is the problem. My older cat is stalking and trying to be wherever the kitty Osiris is at. Well since there was so much fighting on my older cats end (in the beginning) now Osiris is growling and hissing whenever my older and dominant cat comes near. Considering when they fight they stop on their own, and there has been no bloodshed, Im letting them interact while they arent supervised. Osiris needs to learn who is boss, once he stops challenging my older cat the quarls will stop for the most part (hopefully his neuter will help him chill a bit). Im not recommending you do as I am, but Ive given them over a week of seperation and interaction together, its time to see where they take it...
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Oh thank you! For some reason we just loved the name Lola!

I think in your situation you are going about it the right way. Especially if there hasn't been any spraying. We kind of pulled the plug when the marking a la Jade started. With 2 male Siamese I had (both passed last year) we dealt with spraying from 1 of them for a good 3-4 years and I do not want to go through all of that again.

Lola was doing what Osiris is doing now ... growling/hissing whenever the older/dominant cat comes near. I am not sure how long we'll do what we are doing now. It is hard to keep rotating them in and out of various rooms, so I can't see it as a long term plan by any means! We'll be going out of town over Labor Day so I think part of us is wanting to keep them mostly separated until after we are back.
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That is a long seperation period, they may not need to be seperated that long (hopefully). I understand what you are going threw though. Im hoping Osiris doesnt start spraying, he has his neuter in 2 weeks if he could just hold off on that I would be thrilled.
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