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Garlic suspicion

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I just had an experience and decided to never give my cats anything with garlic again. Never had a problem before but my boyfriend made steak and seasoned it with garlic and pepper. I washed off the seasoning in the sink when I gave her a piece of steak. She had an episode of vomiting.

2 days later I fed Rosie Foster and Smith chicken formula which had always been harmless to her in the past prior to going to work. It has garlic in it. Over my cell phone my boyfriend informed me that Rosie had an episode of vomiting and diarrhea. I asked my boyfriend if he took her to the vet. My boyfriend said that she stopped and was ok afterwards.

As soon as I got home I threw all the Foster and Smith and Wellness cans in the trash and went to Petco and bought cat food that does not contain any garlic. Rosie should be fine if the garlic is the cause but I told my boyfriend that if she has another episode of vomiting and diarrhea while I'm at work he needs to take her to the vet and I'll reimburse him the bill.
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Garlic is something I only MEDICINALLY under the care of a VET
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