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The Search Is DONE! Kitty #3 Horatio & Yuki will have a "brother" ;)

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So we've been on the look out for our 3rd and final kitty. I've wanted a lap kitty. We "potentially " were going to adopt a male and female pair, that were discussed in a behavorial thread, but after e-mailing them, we set plans to meet on saturday, I e-mailed for directions & then I get an e-mail back that they were adopted... *sigh* ... oooh kay, thanks alot.

So, I figure... not meant for me I guess...

I decide to end my search for now. Then one final quick search, I end up coming across an ad for a sweet kitty named Max. He is 10 months old, and ADORABLE! He is coming from an owner who is being deployed overseas, he is sad to see him so, but I will keep in touch and send photos of Max now and then, which I love to do. I currently do that with the person who fostered Yuki.

Anyway, here are the photo's that were on his AD. I will have more photo's of him of course once he is home & even MORE once he is settled in

I pick him up on Sunday

Meet Max
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He's gorgeous! Really clear markings and that little white dot at the end of his tail *faints* It also looks as if he's been sneaking into some cream what with the white muzzle and nose.

Anyway to repeat, he's gorgeous, congratulations! and I'm looking forward to seeing more photos later on.
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What a cutie! I love his markings. Congrats on the new addition!
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Oh he is adorable! I just love his markings!!!
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I was getting ready to say the same thing! Looks like he stuck his nose in something! SO cute, I know you are happy. I have 2 cats now but only live in a small 2 bedroom apartment... so for now I can't get anymore cats.... boo hoo!
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Congratulations on the new addition! He is gorgeous!!
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Congrats! Max sure is a cutie, and I also love his markings!!
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thank you... I can't wait to meet him & I can't wait to get more photo's and share them & of course & can't wait for evenings of snuggling with him while watching tv in the evenings with him.

His owner seys that he falls asleep in his lap in the evenings when he watches tv. (which is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!)

Of course... when he has 2 other kitties to play with... he may have other things to do... LOL!

but that'll be ok too

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I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!! I go and pick up Max today!!!

I'm picking him up at 1 & will be home around 2:30... hopefully I'll have new photo's up this evening
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I am so glad you are getting another kitty, and bless you for taking one from someone tht is being deployed. So many of them have to leave suddenly and lose their beloved pets when they can't find homes quickly.
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