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Cat Feels Left Out

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I have 2 cats. I got the 2nd within 2 months of getting the first, and I got both of them at 8 weeks, so he is only a couple months younger than the first. The older cat seemed to torture him at first, laying on top of him and biting him, but after a day or so, they were inseparable. They would play together, sleep all nestled and cuddled, eat together...

They're both 3 years old now, and it definitely seems that their attitudes towards each other have changed. I feel like the older cat (who's also bigger) overshadows the cat. I try to give them both equal attention and love because I don't favor one over the other. But every time I try to love on Sebastian (the smaller one) or play with him Amadeus runs in and takes the stage. Sebastian doesn't really fight for it either. He'll just walk away and lay down. Sometimes I get to love on Sebastian, and he's very affectionate, but it's at inappropriate times, such as in the middle of the night or right as I am stepping out of the shower. At night, Amadeus sleeps right beside my head, and Sebastian at my feet. It used to be the other way around, and Sebastian would lay half on my chest with my arm wrapped around him and half on the bed.

I just don't want him to feel neglected or left out.
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He's just being a cat- they work out who's going to be the assertive one and the other one 'gets' it, but there's no reason you can't play with Sebastian behind a closed door sometimes.
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Playing scenario is same at my house. When I bring out Da Bird Merlynn will play with it for one tiny second before Piccolino comes out and starts jumping and grabbing it like a crazy man. Melrynn just sits out of the way and watches. So what I do is, play with Pico for about 10 mins and then take him into my bedroom and close the door. I go out and play with Merlynn for 10 minutes and she goes at it. Just in a more calm way. After a while, she goes to the door and "looks" for Pico. So I don't think she feels left out...

I would try to spend individual time with your Sebastian in a private place away from Amadeus just to make sure he knows he's special.

The sleeping situation is different though. Merlynn has always slept up by my face/chest and she's still there. The bed is hers! hahaha. She used to swat at Pico everytime he tried to take her spot. I let them figure it out. Now Pico has learned to sleep next to Merlynn and she's fine with that.

What is you try to move Sebastian back to his old sleeping spot? Maybe on the other side of you?? Good luck!

I'm sure they'll be fine. We always tend to over-think things...they're just being cats like Larke said...
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