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How many of you.....

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....get the "365 Cats a Year Calendar"?

Are there any other cat calendars you like to get each year?
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I get the 365 Kittens a year calender!
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I have had that calendar, in the past. Friends have given it to me, as a gift. My new calendar is just titled "Cats" and has 12 pretty kity pictures. I bought it at the dollar store. I, also, have the Cat Chow freebie I'll hang it in the computer room.
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I have it! I just adore it . Anyone ever had their kitty in it?
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I've never had that calendar, but its sounds pretty cool! I do have a classic cat calendar that is in black and white. It has 12 pictures in it.
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I dont have that one, but I got that free cat chow calendar - katl8e - what kind of cat is the white one in the August pages? It is sooo pretty!
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Looks like a Persian mix. The face isn't pushed-in enough, for it to be purebred. It IS a beauty, though.

I was intrigued to see John Grisham and John Goodman, on this calendar. I read all of Grisham's books and think that John Goodman is hilarious. I'm glad to see that they are cat people.
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I have and the aby on the date of January 7 is my breeding. He belongs to my best friend Rene. He was a gift to her. His name is Merlot and he's absolutely beautiful and has an attitude (stuck up one).

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I LOVE that calendar and have gotten it every year for the past 8 years or so.
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I always get the Kittens calendar. It's getting harder and harder to find, though.
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the 365 kitten calander and the "greatest hits in hockey" where both on my christmas list... I got the hockey one!!

I'll buy the kitten one for my desk at work (after Jan 1 they will be 60% off!)
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There are LOTS of cat calendars around here, especially kitten ones

I may buy myself that 365 kittens calendar for myself, so i can see a new kitty every day!
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I bought TIBBA's bengal cat calendar.
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I went out and got the 365 cats calendar, I got it for 50% off and because we are a member of the bookstore thingy, we got an additional 10% off! Woohoo!

They have a contest in which you can submit your cat's photos to put in next years calendar! at
Also, you can download their cat calendar onto your desktop from them, so its not a bad deal!
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For over 5 years now, I have made my own cat calendar featuring my own 2 brats. I bring photos of them to Kinko's Copies, and they create a calendar for about $25. I love taking the pictures and doing it each year.
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This year I have the calander from the humane society. I ordered the one from the cat food but it has not come in yet.
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I have not seen the 365 Kittens a Year calendar. Is it by the same company that does 365 Cats a Year? I would like to know where to find it.
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My 365 cats calendar has an Abby on today. It is the flip calendar.

Is that your bred kitty?
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I get the 365 day Garfield calendar. A little joke each day.
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I get Garfield in my inbox every day. Gotta love him!
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